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Buckle Up: This Dark Matter Trailer is A Sci-Fi Trip Gone Wild

Hey all my Apple TV+ sci-fi fans! Apple TV+ just dropped the trailer for their latest mind-bender, in the Dark Matter trailer, and it’s got everything you crave: a trippy storyline, a stellar cast, and enough alternate realities to make your head spin. I’ve been watching the show myself and  I am pleasantly surprised with the developments within this series.

Get this: the series stars Joel Edgerton (you know him from “The Great Gatsby” and Star Wars) as Jason Dessen, a normal dude with a normal life as a physicist, professor, and family man. But one night, while strolling down a Chicago street (insert dramatic music here), Jason gets snatched! Except, it’s not your typical kidnapping situation.
He wakes up in a whole different reality, a place where his life choices took a sharp turn. Think fancy car, different spouse (played by the amazing Jennifer Connelly, by the way!), the whole works. Jason’s world is officially turned upside down.

Things get even crazier when he realizes this “other life” might not be all sunshine and rainbows. There’s a darkness lurking, and Jason suspects the biggest threat might be himself…in another dimension? Talk about a freaky family reunion! Based on a mind-blowing sci-fi novel by Blake Crouch, “Dark Matter” is about the paths not taken, the what-ifs that haunt us. Jason’s gotta navigate this crazy multiverse, find his way back to his real family, and maybe even save them from himself (yikes!).

This nine-episode saga premieres on Apple TV+ on May 8th, with two episodes dropping right away. Then, you get a fresh dose of sci-fi goodness every Wednesday until the end of June. So, clear your schedule, grab your favorite snacks, and get ready for a wild ride through alternate realities!
Here’s the cherry on top: “Dark Matter” joins an already stellar lineup of sci-fi hits on Apple TV+, including “For All Mankind” and “Invasion.” Basically, if you dig mind-blowing space adventures, Apple TV+ is your new best friend.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into “Dark Matter” and see if you can handle the mind-bending twists and turns!

Source: Apple TV Plus

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