Hideo Kojima Gets Hyped for “Dune Part Two”

Dune Part Two Hideo Kojima

Legendary video game designer Hideo Kojima just dropped some serious hype about Dune: Part Two, and it has us freaking out more than a Sardaukar soldier on fight night.

Hold on, rewind. Who’s Hideo Kojima?

For those living under a gamer rock, Hideo Kojima is a rockstar in the video game world. He’s the mastermind behind mind-bending games like Metal Gear Solid and Death Stranding. Basically, the dude knows his way around creating epic, story-driven experiences.

So, what did Kojima say about “Dune Part Two”?

Kojima took to Twitter, his platform of choice for dropping cryptic messages and epic game reveals, to share his excitement for the “Dune” sequel. Here’s the lowdown: Kojima tweeted “Even as a movie buff, I was beginning to think it was time for me to start watching movies on my smartphone or tablet,” Kojima admitted. “However, when I watched ‘Dune: Part Two’ my rigid ways of thinking crumbled like sand! It meticulously depicts the non-existent world of Arrakis, bringing it to life with unprecedented detail and realism.”

Look, if Hideo Kojima, the king of crazy plots and mind-blowing twists, is calling “Dune Part Two” a genre-defining cinematic experience, then you know it’s gotta be something special. The first movie left us with a ton of questions: what’s next for Paul Atreides? Will Chani become his ride-or-die? How much spice can one person consume before exploding (we’re looking at you, Baron Harkonnen)? “Dune Part Two” promises to answer all these burning questions (hopefully) and deliver even more stunning visuals, epic battles, and complex political machinations.

So, should you watch “Dune Part Two”?

If mind-bending sci-fi with giant sandworms and a plot that’ll make you do some serious head-scratching is your jam, then “Dune Part Two” is a must-watch. Plus, if Hideo Kojima himself is giving it his seal of approval, well, that’s pretty much all the recommendation you need.

Drop a comment below and tell us if you’re hyped for “Dune Part Two”! Do you think there’s a secret “Dune” video game in the works? Share your wildest theories!

Source: Variety

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