“Constellation”: Mind-Bending Mystery or Slow Burn Snoozefest?

Constellation Apple TV

Yo, sci-fi fiends! Buckle up for a deep dive into Apple TV+’s latest mind-bender, “Constellation.” This show throws you into a cosmic mystery with Noomi Rapace as Jo, an astronaut returning from a disastrous space mission with more questions than answers.

Episode 1: The Wounded Angel – What Did I Just Watch?

Constellation Episode 01

The first episode starts with a confusing bang (literally). We see Jo driving with her daughter in a creepy woods scene, then bam! We’re thrown into space with her talking to the same daughter in Swedish (don’t worry, subtitles are your friend). Then, tragedy strikes, and the only Black character in the entire cast meets a gruesome end. This, frankly, is not a good look, “Constellation.”

The episode is a slow burn, filled with flashbacks and non-linear storytelling that might leave you feeling lost in space. But hey, at least the visuals are stunning, and the acting is on point. Rapace delivers a stellar performance, keeping you hooked even when you’re scratching your head.

Episode 2: Live and Let Die – More Questions, No Answers

Constellation Episode 02

Episode 2 throws even more fuel on the confusion fire. We learn that Jo found her daughter outside in the snow (how, we don’t know), but this “Snow Alice” seems different from the “Cabin Alice” we saw earlier. Intriguing, yes, but also frustratingly unclear.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, Jo’s husband and colleagues scramble to get her home and secure some mysterious science experiment from the space station. There’s also a weird subplot involving a charming NASA dude who might have a thing for Jo, adding another layer of complexity (or maybe just confusion) to the story.

So, Is “Constellation” Worth the Watch?

The jury’s still out. The show is undeniably beautiful, with a talented cast and some genuinely intriguing elements. But the slow pace, non-linear storytelling, and lack of clear answers might leave you feeling like you’re stuck in a cosmic waiting room.

If you’re a fan of slow-burn mysteries and can handle a healthy dose of confusion, “Constellation” might be worth giving a shot. Just be prepared for a wild ride with more questions than answers (at least for now).

**Remember, in the vast expanse of space, even the most thrilling journeys can sometimes feel like floating aimlessly. But hey, at least the view is good. **

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