Bendis Takes Flight: Jinxworld Soars to Amazon!

Brian Michael Bendis

Yo comic fans, brace yourselves for a major plot twist! The legendary Brian Michael Bendis just inked a sweet deal with Amazon Studios, and guess what? He’s bringing his Jinxworld crew along for the ride!

Now, for those unfamiliar with the name, Bendis is basically the king of cool comics. He’s the mastermind behind iconic characters like Miles Morales (Spider-Man!), Jessica Jones, and a whole bunch more. But here’s the thing: Bendis isn’t just about capes and tights. He founded Jinxworld, a universe bursting with gritty crime stories, high-octane adventures, and characters as real as your favorite streetwise neighbor.

JinxworldAnd guess what? Three of Jinxworld’s hottest properties are getting the Hollywood treatment thanks to Amazon! Get ready for Jinx, Murder Inc., and Pearl to come blasting onto your screens!

Jinx kicks things off with a crime-fueled love story. Our leading lady, Jinx Alameda, is a bounty hunter extraordinaire ready to ditch the grimy life. Enter Goldfish, a charming con artist who falls head over heels for Jinx (smooth moves, dude!). But things get messy when Columbia, Goldfish’s trigger-happy partner, joins the party. Together, they stumble upon a missing mob fortune, sparking a wild treasure hunt that’ll take them far from the familiar streets of Cleveland. Think Indiana Jones meets Ocean’s Eleven with a dash of dark humor.


Murder Inc. takes us to an alternate reality where organized crime reigns supreme. Meet Valentine Gallo, a fresh-faced mobster whose first assignment goes boom, literally! Now he’s on the run from gangsters and the feds, all while his mom turns out to be a secret FBI informant. Talk about family drama! Joining the fray is Jagger Rose, a cool-headed hitwoman, who’s suddenly got a target on her back too. Can Valentine and Jagger overcome their issues and fight for survival? Buckle up for a gripping mob tale with a shocking twist.

Pearl introduces us to Pearl Tanaka, a badass tattoo artist navigating the world of the American Yakuza. When she saves the life of another artist, Rick Araki, she unwittingly ignites a gang war. But Pearl has a secret weapon: she’s a deadly assassin. Now, she’s forced to repay her debt by taking lives, a far cry from her peaceful tattoo career. This one’s got action, suspense, and a touch of forbidden romance.

So there you have it, folks! Brian Michael Bendis and his Jinxworld crew are ready to take the streaming world by storm. With their unique blend of action, humor, and drama, these shows promise to be must-watch TV. Keep your eyes peeled, because when these shows hit the screens, you won’t want to miss them!

(Source: Variety)

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