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Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg DGA Interview

Spielberg and Scorsese: A Cinematic Conversation

The stage is set with gratitude as two cinematic giants. Steven Spielberg and Martin Scorsese sit down for a conversation that promises to be anything but a journey down memory lane. In this exceptional exchange, Spielberg praises Scorsese on his latest film, Killers Of The Flower Moon. Spielberg also commends his friend on its impact as a humanitarian epic rather than a traditional Hollywood saga.

The conversation digs into the complex layers of Scorsese’s film. They explore his deep connection with the Osage Nation, a community central to the story. Spielberg raises poignant questions about Scorsese’s approach to representing the Osage customs. These customs include spirituality and the foundation of trust built with Chief Standing Bear and the Osage survivor community. Furthermore, the director also reflects on his early encounters with Native American culture. In this chat, he recounts a transformative experience in the Pine Ridge Reservation in the ’70s. The traumatic exposure left an unforgettable mark on him. It also fuels his fascination with Native American culture. This fascination resurfaced when he embarked on the journey of making this latest film.

Cultural Immersion

Martin Scorsese DGA Interview The Movie BlogThe director sheds light on the detailed research and cultural immersion required to realistically depict the Osage. Scorsese emphasizes the importance of trust and understanding with his subject matter. Spielberg skillfully navigates the interview, unraveling the layers of Scorsese’s creative process and his commitment to telling stories that resonate with the human experience. As the conversation develops, Scorsese touches on the challenges of tackling the Western genre in a changing cinematic landscape. The shift in perspective, from focusing on the FBI to centering the narrative on the Osage, reflects the director’s dedication to realism and storytelling that goes beyond traditional boundaries.

One of the standout moments in the interview is the discussion about casting. Scorsese shares the pivotal decision to have Leonardo DiCaprio play Ernest. This is a character that adds a certain complexity to the narrative. The interplay of hope, weakness, and delusion in Ernest’s character becomes a focal point. This focus showcases the director’s uncanny ability to draw out nuanced performances from his actors.

Complex Characters

Spielberg And Scorsese DGA Interview The Movie BlogSpielberg, ever the astute observer, raises a gripping question about Scorsese’s inclination towards characters that are hard to root for. The director’s response provides a glimpse into his cinematic philosophy. His answer is rooted in a desire to reflect the complexity of human nature. Scorsese’s films, from “Mean Streets” to “The Irishman,” have consistently challenged audiences to confront their own moral compass, and his latest venture is no exception.

The conversation touches on the collaborative spirit between Scorsese, DiCaprio, and Robert De Niro. These collaborators highlight the director’s long-standing partnerships that have become synonymous with cinematic excellence. The mention of their collaborations sparks a casual exchange, with Spielberg playfully acknowledging the impressive tally of films Scorsese has crafted with his esteemed actors.


The interview captures the essence of two maestros engaging in a dialogue that transcends a single film. We see a glimpse into the mind of Martin Scorsese, a filmmaker whose work continues to challenge, provoke, and redefine the boundaries of storytelling.

As the interview draws to a close, one is left with a profound appreciation for the artistry of Spielberg and Scorsese, two luminaries whose impact on cinema is immeasurable. Their conversation, like a carefully composed scene, leaves an indelible mark on the canvas of film history.

Wow, thanks Steve, thank you, thank you so much, thank you, thank you.

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