Squid Game: The Challenge Teaser Brings The Game To Reality

Back in 2021, no one could have predicted the hold Squid Game would have on its viewers, and upon its release it became a worldwide hit overnight. With over 1.65 billion viewing hours, Squid Game is Netflix‘s most-watched show to date. The Squid Game: The Challenge teaser showcases a new show that brings the massive hit to reality for real audiences to compete and participate in.

What Was The Original Squid Game?

Squid Game: The Challenge teaser featured

Squid Game was a South Korean drama that tells the story of a group of poor people, thrown into a surreal situation as they must compete in a mysterious game show, where the final contestant standing will win 45.6 billion Won. Upon joining they think that this is just a normal game show, however, Squid Game turns deadly when it starts killing its contestants for real. Our way into Squid Game is through the eyes of Seong Gi Hun (Lee Jung-jae). At first, he copes with the disbelief of this monstrous idea actually happening, but once the games get going, he enters survival mode. Squid Game is an extremely brutal experience, as the games themselves have no mercy for any character you meet. Absolutely no one is safe.

On top of its poverty plot theme lies a set of games, and although these games come across as extremely colourful and inviting, you should not be fooled, as it is always a deadly situation for the contestant. From Tug-o-war, to Red Light Green Light, and of course, the nerve-racking Sugar Honeycomb level, Squid Game went on to create some disturbingly epic TV moments. You just couldn’t look away from your TV set once a game started.

The Squid Game: The Challenge Brings The Show To You!

For those watching thinking “You know what, I could do that!” the time has now come for Squid Game: The Challenge teaser, an actual real-life version of the show – without the dying part – that’ll put its players through classic Squid Game-like scenarios. The trailer alone features Red Light Green Light, and the Glass Stepping Stones! Sure, we’ve seen YouTube content creators like MrBeast create their own version, but this time we’ll see the Netflix budget hold up the idea. With its 4.56 Million Dollar prizes that the players compete for, this should create a fun and highly competitive atmosphere.

Squid Game: The Challenge releases on Netflix on October 22, 2023.

So what did you think about this real-life show on the Squid Game: The Challenge teaser? Let us know in the comments below.

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