Bloody Daddy (2023): Ek Anokha Kissa

Every night has a story. This is the story of one unusual night when a father embarked on a bloody and gory quest to save his only son from the hands of a drug dealer who had kidnapped him. Starring Shahid Kapoor, Ronit Roy, Sanjay Kapoor, Rajeev Khandelwal, and Diana Penty; this mega action-thriller has been co-written, co-produced, and directed by Ali Abbas Zafar and is named “Bloody Daddy“. It is streaming free on the OTT platform, JioCinema. Trust me; if you haven’t watched this insane hard-hitting action-thriller, you have watched nothing because if you watch this, you are sure to forget John Wick!

Even if the twists and turns in this story are low, the action and thrill are insanely intense! Nowadays, I barely find time to narrate movie stories like I did before. But upon watching this movie, I just couldn’t help narrating its story exclusively for The Movie Blog.

Bloody Daddy (2023): The Story Of A Sleepless Night

In 2019, a virus called coronavirus changed the world. In 2020, we were at war with an unknown enemy. In 2021, by the end of the second wave of the pandemic, millions had lost their lives and livelihood and the crime rate was at an all-time high. The story begins just after the second wave as India was opening up again. Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) officer Sumair Azad (Shahid Kapoor) was on vacation with his son Atharv in the city of Gurgaon in Haryana, India. While vacationing, he and his colleague captured a bag of cocaine. He smashed his car into the escaping vehicle. The car overturned and they were able to recover the bag of cocaine from the car. The driver of the car was shot dead by them while his companion escaped.

Bloody Daddy (2023): Ek Anokha Kissa; starring Shahid Kapoor (Right) and Ronit Roy (Left)

Sumair returned to his hotel room where his teenage son Atharv (Sartaj Kakkar) was waiting for him. He was separated from his wife and his wife was living with some other man. His son used to stay with him. Little did Sumair know that this bag of cocaine belonged to businessman and hotelier Sikandar Chowdhary (Ronit Roy). Sumair used to leave his son in his hotel room and go out to work. It was then that he received a call on his phone from Sikandar, “Your son is with me. Give me my bag of cocaine and you can have him”.

Bloody Daddy (2023): Starring Shahid Kapoor!

Bloody Daddy (2023): Starring Shahid Kapoor As NCB officer Sumair Azad

It was up to Sumair now to save his son. Atharv was his only son and he meant everything to him. The bag contained 26 packets of cocaine and he took one packet to the hotel suite of Sikandar leaving the bag to the hotel staff to take care of. There was a royal marriage ceremony going on in that 7-star hotel and Sumair walked in among that chaos. As he reached Sikandar’s suite, he handed over the cocaine packet to him and said, “Release my son and I will give you the bag”. Sikandar shoved him off and said, “You think I am a fool that you brought a single packet? Where’s the bag? I give you three minutes to hand me over my bag of cocaine. Then you can take your son away”. Saying this, Sikandar gave Sumair a hard push towards the door.

Bloody Daddy (2023): Featuring Ronit Roy as hotelier and drug dealer Sikandar Chowdhary

Sumair had no idea that his friend and colleague, who used to accompany him in his encounter missions, had already informed his fellow NCB officer Sameer Singh (Rajeev Khandelwal) that he was going to give the bag of cocaine to Sikandar Chowdhary. Sameer, along with his subordinate officer Aditi Rawat (Diana Penty), had followed Sumair to the hotel and had already confiscated the bag from the hotel staff. As Sumair desperately asked for the bag from the staff, they told him that his fellow officers, Sameer and Aditi, had taken it away. Sameer was Sumair’s rival and wanted to falsely portray him as a criminal to the world.  So, he was deadly after Sumair and was ready to do anything to prove that he was associated with the drug mafia.

Bloody Daddy (2023): Featuring Sanjay Kapoor as drug lord Hameed Shaikh

Sumair devised a foolproof plan. He went to the kitchen of the hotel and threatened two chefs to pack up 25 packets of flour in a bag to make them look exactly like the cocaine packets. After packing the flour packets in the bag, he purposefully damaged its zip so as to buy him some time if Sikandar decided to check the bag while handing over his son to him.

Meanwhile, the drug lord Hameed Shaikh (Sanjay Kapoor) was already in Sikandar’s hotel suite demanding the bag for him. Sikandar assured him that his “trusted man” is coming with the bag. Meanwhile, he requested Hameed to relax and wait in his suite.

Before going to Sikandar’s suite, Sumair had a word with the hotel’s bartender that it was Sikandar’s marriage anniversary and they must bring a surprise anniversary cake and champagne to his room. He also told the bartender to bring two or three buff dudes to his suite as these strong guys may be required to shift the furniture of Sikandar’s suite to make it appear well-decorated for his anniversary celebration.

Bloody Daddy (2023): Casting child actor Sartaj Kakkar as Sumair’s son Atharv

Sumair reached the suite with the bag of flour and handed it over to Sikandar. Sikandar, by that time, was already irritated by Hameed’s constant nagging and threw the bag at him. As Hameed started pulling the damaged zip of the bag, Sumair knew that he would soon cut open the bag and discover packets of flour instead of drugs. So, he shouted at Sikandar, “Where is my son? You bastards! Now you have the bag. Just bring him to me!”

Sumair watched with horror as Hameed took out a sharp knife from his pocket intending to cut open the bag. Sumair now shouted at them, “You fools, don’t open the bag, the NCB has already tracked this bag and can come anytime looking for it!” Hameed got irritated. He indicated Sumair and shouted at Sikandar, “Who does this loudmouth think he is?” Sumair shouted, “I am an officer from the NCB”. Hameed looked admiringly at Sikandar saying, “Sikandar, I am really impressed. You have pet an NCB officer as your slave?!” He then turned to Sumair and said, “I must have your number buddy because from tomorrow you will be delivering Pizza at my doorsteps also”.

Rajeev Khandelwal as NCB officer Sameer Singh and Diana Penty as his subordinate officer Aditi Rawat in Bloody Daddy (2023)

That very moment, the doorbell of Sikandar’s suite rang and Sikandar saw through the CCTV camera that some buff dudes are standing at the door. It was then Sumair shouted, “These are NCB guys, I told you to run away you fools! Now you had it!”

Hameed and his men ran off to their car. Before Sumair left, Sikandar told him the spot inside the hotel where his men are waiting to hand over his son to him. As Sumair left, Sikandar opened the door only to know that his anniversary cake and champagne have arrived. Sumair had just made a jackass out of him. Hameed, sitting in his car, tasted a sample in one of the packets in the bag and discovered that it was only flour. He and his men rushed back to Sikandar’s suite intending to break the door. As the door opened Hameed rushed in and flung himself on Sikandar and blasted an entire packet of flour on his face.

A tiff between Sumair and Sikandar’s right-hand henchman inside Sikandar’s hotel suite

By that time, Sumair had reached the spot where Sikandar’s men were waiting to hand over his son to him. Hameed, on the other end, told Sikandar about how they have been tricked by Sumair with a bag of flour. As Sumair was walking away with his son, Sikandar called the head of his gang men and ordered him to detain the boy. The henchman shouted and ran after Sumair and his son who were fleeing. After a scuffle inside a DJ party going on on the dance floor of the hotel, the henchman somehow managed to pull away the boy from his father. Sumair followed them and an immense gory fight endured between him and dozens of henchmen. Sumair got wounded during the fight while the lead henchman was somehow able to take away his son back to Sikandar’s suite.

As Sumair’s son was taken inside the suite, Sikandar told him that if his father didn’t bring the bag of cocaine within an hour, he would chop him into pieces and send his father the same flour bag which now will contain “him in pieces”. The boy then asked for lactose-free chocolate milk as his last meal from Sikandar as he was allergic to lactose.

Sumair threatens the chef at the hotel to help him pack 25 packets of flour in a bag

Meanwhile, officers Sameer and Aditi had caught hold of Sumair at the hotel’s pub. Sumair somehow escaped from them to the kitchen where he was again caught by Aditi. He convinced her that the NCB department had a corrupt officer who was an ally of Sikandar, and he is trying his best to track him. It was then Sameer attacked him and a huge brawl between Sameer and Sumair took place inside the hotel’s kitchen with all the chefs watching in fear and awe. It appeared as if Sameer was bent upon killing Sumair as he was aiming heavy blows at him with sharp objects like butcher’s knives and steel rods. In the end, Sumair managed to bring him down and escape from the hotel’s kitchen. Sumair met his friend and colleague outside the hotel who was in fact an informer of Sameer. He knew his friend’s plan to hand him over to Sameer. So he knocked him unconscious and fled.

A fight breaks off between Sumair and Sameer in the hotel’s kitchen

Hameed, the drug lord, now decided to take matters into his own hands and asked for a gun from his henchman. He set out to capture Sumair all by himself but to his ill fate, was taken hostage by him. Sumair brought Hameed at gunpoint to Sikandar’s suite warning Sikandar that he would kill the drug lord if he didn’t hand over his son to him. To Sumair’s surprise, Sikandar shouted, “Yes kill him! He has been bothering me for a very long time. You call this guy a drug lord? It was I who made him. Five years ago, he was selling marijuana on the footpath. I raised him up to this position”. To this, the humiliated Hameed became agitated and began abusing Sikandar by calling his wife a whore and giving reasons why his daughter didn’t look like him (indicating that his wife used to sleep with other men). This made Sikandar furious and out of rage, he shot Hameed with his gun. Sumair was dumbfounded as Hameed fell dead right before him while he was still pointing his gun at him. Following this, there was a confrontation between Sumair and Sikandar after which Sumair managed to escape from the scene.

In another scene, Sameer and Aditi found Sumair’s friend unconscious. While Aditi discovered the bag of flour in Hameed’s car, Sameer suffocated and murdered the unconscious man without her notice. It is then understood that Sameer was the actual “corrupt NCB officer” who was associated with Sikandar, not Sumair.

Sumair went to the same bartender at the hotel’s pub and saw that he was just about to take a bottle of lactose-free chocolate milk to some room in the hotel. He understood that it was for his son, and decided to follow the bartender. The bartender went into the room and served the chocolate milk to the boy. When he came out, he saw a bloody and gory scene. Sumair had killed all the henchmen who were standing outside the room. Some had their bellies punctured with metal rods while others had their throats slit open. Sumair then tapped the cheek of the shivering bartender and said, “You are a good boy from a good family. This is not your place. Now go.” It was then Sumair entered the room and a bloody fight endured between him and two of Sikandar’s most trusted henchmen who were detaining his son. Sumair killed one while the other got unconscious while fighting him.

Sumair takes Hameed at gunpoint to threaten Sikander

By the time Sikandar came into the room, Sumair had escaped along with his son. Sikandar mourned the death of the dead henchman in the room as he happened to be like his right hand. He then gathered himself and ordered his henchmen, “Wherever you see the father and son, just shoot them”.

The fight in which Sumair kills Sikandar’s right-hand man

Sikandar somehow caught up to Sumair and his fleeing son who were trying to escape in an unidentified car. As Sikandar pointed his gun at Sumair, there was a huge commotion. Hameed’s henchman fired at Sikandar muttering, “You killed my boss!” In the firing commotion, another of Sikandar’s very trusted henchmen got killed. As Sikandar mournfully held his corpse in his arms, Sameer and Aditi arrested him. Meanwhile, Sumair escaped along with his son.

Sameer and Aditi were taking Sikandar to the police station after arresting him. Sikandar was made to sit in the back seat of the police jeep along with Sameer. Aditi was seated at the front along with the driver. It was then Aditi realized that there was something in the pocket of her jacket. It was a mobile phone which Sumair had stealthily slipped into her jacket’s pocket. The phone belonged to Sameer which Sumair had taken from him after pinning him during their fight. As she checked the phone, she saw Sameer’s text conversation with Sikandar and immediately knew that the corrupt police officer who was associated with Sikandar was none other than Sameer himself!

The scene where Sameer shoots and kills Sikandar and asks the police driver to drive, moments before he shot the driver too!
Cops take Sameer away after rescuing him from the police jeep

As she looked back at Sameer, he shot her that very instant. The bullet hit her and she fainted. The driver beside her became nervous. Sameer shouted at the driver, “What are you looking at? Just drive!” Within a matter of five seconds, he shot Sikandar too who was sitting beside him. Sikandar died, and he again shouted at the driver with an evil look, “Can’t you hear me? I said, look forward and drive!” As the horrified police driver looked forward, he shot him dead too.

After rescuing his son, Sumair grins at him after his son discovered three packets of cocaine in his car’s dashboard

The driverless police jeep hit the side of the road and overturned. Policemen came to the rescue and as they were helping Sameer who was clenching on the cocaine bag, the front door of the jeep opened and the injured Aditi painfully stared at him. The bullet hadn’t killed her, and she was alive! The bag of cocaine dropped from Sameer’s hands as he knew that his game was over.

Sumair’s car was still parked at the hotel. He and his son went back to the hotel to retrieve their car. As Sumair was about to drive away with his son, Aditi came up to him and told him that the cocaine bag has been captured but three packets of cocaine are still missing from the bag. Sumair’s son was sitting in the car while he was talking to Aditi outside. The boy happened to open the car’s dashboard and was surprised as he found the three packets of cocaine there. He was dumbfounded and kept staring at his father when he got into the car. Sumair grinned at the dumbfounded boy and said, “Let’s go on a vacation buddy”.

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