Popularity of Greek Mythology in Slots Suggests Filmmakers Should Turn to These Stories More

Ancient mythology is never far away from the movie industry, with the Marvel Cinematic Universe famously embracing Norse ideology with characters like Thor and Loki. However, there are rarely any blockbuster epics that attempt to directly retell the classic stories from ancient Greece as they were passed down through the ages.

The popularity of Greek mythology in the online casino industry suggests that filmmakers could be missing a trick by not delving into the catalogue of incredible tales from that era more frequently. The slots market is a great indicator of what’s hot in the mainstream, and Greek-themed slots are everywhere.

Online Casinos Use Greek Slots to Draw in Players

Online casinos have a range of tactics to attract players, with special offers being the initial teaser to get players interested. Some of the best casino offers UK now include free spins when you top up your account for the first time. There are also daily cash drops and weekly giveaways. Aside from promotions, casinos need to offer popular games to make players want to play with them.

One of the top listed game franchises at online casinos in 2023 is Age of the Gods from Playtech. There are numerous titles in the series, all of which are based on different deities from Greek mythology. The fact that the original game spawned a booming series in such a short space of time highlights how many players are in search of these themes. For people who know nothing about the tales of that era, the reel-spinning games can act as a great introduction. They may then influence people to do more research about these gods themselves.

What Would be the Best Greek Tales to Adapt for the Big Screen?

The great thing about ancient Greek mythology is the sheer wealth of stories that today’s filmmakers could turn to for inspiration. There are many tales and characters that are well-known in popular culture and others that haven’t been explored as much. Many people know about the legendary Heracles and his gruelling labours, but the likes of Perseus and Theseus have been adapted in the film less frequently.

One of the best stories from ancient Greece that hasn’t been explored much on the big screen is the myth of Persephone and Hades. Persephone was the daughter of Zeus and Demeter, who went on to become queen of the underworld after being abducted by Hades.

There are so many elements to this old fable that would make it ideally suited to cinema. There are romantic facets in the conflicting emotions that Persephone feels for the god of the underworld, along with drama and action elements in Demeter’s fight to try to bring her back. It would provide a rich take on some themes that may not be as well-known in the mainstream. The picture could also inspire more related content like slot games that could help promote it further.

To say that ancient Greek mythology is so prevalent in the wider entertainment industry, it seems surprising that filmmakers haven’t explored more of its tales. There are still so many untapped gems in the catalogue of Greek myths that are waiting to be displayed on the silver screen.

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