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Adipurush (2023): The Supreme Man – A Tribute To Lord Ram’s Legacy

The mythology of Adipurush dates back 10,000 years from now. In the snow-laden mountains, sat the Demon King of the Golden Kingdom of Lanka, Ravan, meditating in the devotion of Lord Brahma. Lord Brahma appeared before Ravan and he asked for the boon of immortality. To this, Brahma replied, “O King of The Demons, I Brahma, the creator of the universe, myself am not immortal. How can I grant the boon of immortality to you?” But I can grant you the boon of invincibility. From today, this very moment onwards, you cannot be killed! You cannot be killed in the air, in the water, or on the land. You cannot be killed in heaven or in hell. You cannot be killed by any God or Demon. You can never be killed! I grant you the boon to become invincible!”

Adipurush (2023): Featuring Prabhas as Prabhu Shri Ram

Hearing this; Ravan rose, towering in height over Lord Brahma. He turned and walked away with a roar of laughter echoing through the snow-covered mountains.

My dear audiences, today, I am going to narrate a divine story that hasn’t been narrated ever in the history of The Movie Blog. This is the story of the supreme being, God. He is far above every human, animal, living, or non-living thing in this universe. This story resides in the heart of every Indian man who is a devotee of the divine Lord Ram. This story is based on the legend of Lord Ram, the prince of Ayodhya, himself and is the foundation of Hinduism and India.

If you have no idea about the Hindu epic Ramayana, I would advise you to cool yourself down before reading my narration because this story will combine every sci-fi fantasy you have seen so far, and is powerful enough to drive you crazy. Note that if you are not an Indian Hindu, you won’t be able to make any head or tail out of my narration. However, I have kept this story as comprehensible as possible for my international readers to understand.

Adipurush (2023): Starring Prabhas as Prabhu Shri Ram and Devdatta Nage as Bajrang Bali!

Adipurush: Part 1: Sita’s Abduction

Lord Ram, the prince of Ayodhya, was the reincarnation of God Vishnu. He was born as a human on Earth with a motive. His father King Dashrath had three wives, Kaushaliya, Kaikeyi, and Sumitra. Kaushalya was the mother of Lord Ram, Sumitra was the mother of Lord Ram’s younger brother, Lakshman and Kaikeyi was the mother of Bharat. Kaikeyi appealed to Dashrath that his kingdom should be handed over to her son Bharat and Ram to be sent to exile in the forests for 14 long years. Lord Ram was obedient and agreed to go into exile as per his father’s wish. He told his father that his wish is like a command for him, and he is perfectly fine with Bharat taking over the kingdom of Ayodhya which in fact was meant for him, as he was the eldest son.

Adipurush (2023): Featuring Kriti Sanon as Sita

Ram’s wife Sita and younger brother Lakshman also accompanied him in this 14-year exile in the forests. Ram used to tell Sita, “You are a princess, you should be living in the palace, not with me in the jungle”. To this, Sita used to reply, “I belong to you. Where you go, I go too”.

One day, during the exile, Lord Ram stepped out of the spring after taking a bath. As he was bathing, Ravan’s sister, Demoness Shurpnakha was watching him and fantasizing about him. After Ram stepped out of the spring, she proposed to him, saying that she wanted to marry him. To this Ram folded his hands before her and replied, “O beautiful damsel, please forgive me, because I am already married”.

Shurpnakha was taken aback after Ram rejected her. She thought that Ram might have rejected her because his wife happened to be even more beautiful than her. The vengeful Shurpnakha went to Ram’s residence in the forest and tried to attack his wife, Sita, intending to kill her. Ram’s younger brother, Lakshman, was always on guard protecting his elder sister-in-law. He immediately chopped off Shurpnakha’s nose before she could harm Sita.

Adipurush (2023): Featuring Devdatta Nage as Bajrang Bali

The humiliated Shurpnakha ran back to Lanka, where his elder brother Ravan was lost in his devotion to Lord Shiva. Ravan saw Shurpnakha covering her face and crying. Upon seeing her nose chopped off, Ravan became furious and shouted, “Who dare did this to my sister?” At this Shurpnakha cried, “It’s Sita, she is the reason for this fate of mine. She happens to be even more beautiful than me”. Hearing about Sita’s beauty from his sister, Ravan decided to obtain Sita.

It was one fateful day when Ram and Sita were river rafting. Sita saw a group of golden deer. She told her husband to bring one deer to her. She told him that they would take it back to Ayodhya when their exile is over. Ram was an obedient husband to his wife. So upon Sita’s request, he immediately started chasing the group of deer intending to capture one for his wife. Ram tracked one of the deer from the group and followed it. To his amazement, the isolated deer started shouting Lakshman’s name in his voice as if he, Ram, was calling his younger brother for help. Ram was taken aback but within moments realized that this was not a deer, but a demon who was disguised as a deer. Aiming at the deer, he released his arrow from his bow. Before dying, the deer assumed the form of a demon and laughed looking at Ram.

Far away, Sita and Lakshman heard the cries of Ram. Sita told Lakhsman that his elder brother needs help and he should go and help him. Lakshman sensed danger and was reluctant to leave his sister-in-law alone. But upon Sita’s constant persuasion, he had to go where the cries for help were coming from. Before leaving, Lakshman with his superpowers, created a landmark to protect his sister-in-law. He told Sita not to step out of that landmark. That landmark created by Lakshman had mystical powers to keep away evil from harming Sita.

As Lakshman reached the spot where the cries were coming from, He was taken aback seeing the dead body of the demon. He looked at Ram and Ram told him that he shouldn’t have left Sita alone. But it was too late! Ravan, disguised as a sage, was already at Sita’s doorstep begging for alms. Sita was reluctant to cross the landmark created by Lakshman and asked the sage to come in and take the alms from her. To this, the sage replied in anger, “I traveled hundreds of kilometers to come to you for some food, and you can’t come out five steps from your house to give me alms?” Sita feared that she would earn the curse of a sage now. So, she reluctantly stepped out of the landmark, created by Lakshman, to give alms to the sage. As she was giving the alms she found herself trapped at the hands of Ravana. She became unconscious while Ravan changed into his original form and carried her way on his pet flying creature which appeared as a Godzilla-sized vampire bat.

As Ravan was flying away with Sita, an enormous bird, similar to the size of a Godzilla-sized flying creature, was repeatedly trying to save Sita. This was Jatayu, Ram’s faithful friend and devotee. Sita was like a mother to Jatayu. Seeing his mother being taken away, Jatayu tried his best to frisk her way using his claws. But before he could reach Sita, Ravan caught one of his legs and threw him towards a mountain like a tennis ball. Jatayu, with his enormous size and wingspan, crashed into the mountain. Still, he didn’t give up and took flight again to save Sita. Jatayu’s constant attempts to rescue Sita was disturbing Ravan’s journey. This time, thousands of small bat-like creatures engulfed the massive bird in order to stop him. Ravan during his mid-flight ordered his creature to turn around. As Ravan approached the bird, he chopped off one of its wings using his sword. The massive Jatayu came crashing to the ground, dead, a few feet away from Lord Ram. The helpless Sita threw her ornaments from the sky and one of the pearls from her necklace landed in the hands of a tree-dwelling monkey.

Adipurush (2023): Featuring Saif Ali Khan as Ravan!

Part 2: Bajrang, Sugreev, and Bali

The tree-dwelling monkey took the pearl to a cave where several ape-like beings resided. Their king was Sugreev. Sugreev had lost his kingdom to his elder brother Bali, who had now become the king of the monkeys and apes. Inside that very cave, the scene showed, the Divine Monkey God Bajrang Bali also known as Hanuman, meditating. He had an immense build just like Arnold Schwarzenegger, but unlike Arnold, he had the tail and face of a monkey.

As the thunder clapped the sky, Lord Ram looked at the sky. In his whereabouts, Bajrang Bali too looked at the sky after seeing the pearl of Sita sensing something was seriously wrong. Lord Ram performed the last rites of his friend and devotee Jatayu and vowed to bring back his wife from the captivity of Ravan.

With the help of Bajrang Bali, Ram came to Sugreev’s den. Ram told Sugreev that he would require his help and all of his army comprising millions of apes and monkeys to bring back Sita from Ravan’s Lanka. Sugreev bowed before Ram and told him that he has lost power and now the king is his elder brother, Bali. Bali has all the army of apes and monkeys that he used to have. That’s when Ram motivated Sugreev, “You need to fight with Bali and regain your kingdom back!”

It was then Bali versus Sugreev one-on-one!  Sugreev went to Bali’s kingdom and roared out loud at Bali calling him to come out and fight him one-on-one. Bali came out with a massive club in his hands. The two great apes crashed into one another demolishing every rocky structure coming in their way. There was a hue and cry as both the apes were throwing each other into rocky parts of Bali’s palace and everything was coming crashing down. Meanwhile, Lord Ram was watching the fight along with Lakshman, Bajrang Bali, and Jambavan, the King of Bears. As the fight turned worse, Bali threw Sugreev on a huge mountainous pillar and the entire structure was on the verge of crashing down.

Sugreev saw that if that pillar falls down, many apes and monkeys who were present at the scene would die. So he held the structure with his hands while Bali was repeatedly throwing punches at him. At that instant, Lord Ram released an arrow from his bow and shot Bali dead. After Bali’s death, Sugreev was crowned as the king of the monkeys and apes.

Adipurush (2023) Official Trailer:

Part 3: The Quest To Ravan’s Lanka

In Lanka, Ravan had kept Sita in an isolated garden and visited her often coaxing her to become his queen. But Sita told him that she belonged to Ram, and very soon Ram would come looking for her and destroy him once and for all!

Meanwhile, Bajrang Bali along with Jambavan the Bear King traveled to the southernmost tip of India from where they would require to cross the Indian Ocean to travel to the kingdom of Lanka. Upon reaching the end point of India, Jambavan exclaimed, “The land ends here!” Bajrang Bali looked at Jambavan and asked, “So, how do we get there now? We need to cross the Indian Ocean and travel to Lanka to save our mother Sita at any cost”. To this, Jambavan looked at Bajrang Bali and said, “You asking me? You are the one who knows how to do it best!”

Adipurush (2023): Featuring Saif Ali Khan as Ravan

Bajrang Bali started increasing his size. He grew bigger and bigger till he reached around 100 feet in height. As he looked down at Jambavan, the King of Bears shouted at him, “Go, Bajrang! Now take a Jump!” Bajrang Bali took a great leap. That leap was gigantic! He leaped from the southernmost tip of India and landed straight at Ravan’s Lanka by crossing the Indian Ocean in just one leap! As he reached Lanka, he landed straight at the garden where Ravan had kept Sita. He informed Sita that Ram is coming to rescue her. Meanwhile, Indrajeet, Ravan’s son, captured Bajrang Bali and brought him before Ravan. Little did he know that Bajrang Bali had intentionally made him capture him. As he brought Bajrang Bali before Ravan, Ravan shouted at his son, “You don’t have any other work except catching monkeys?” To this, Indrajeet replied, “Father, this monkey can talk and fly as well”. Ravan laughed loud and exclaimed, “Well then, let’s have a monkey without a tail!”

Bajrang Bali’s tail was set on fire. That was the biggest mistake Ravan ever made. That very instant, Bajrang Bali again assumed his enormous size and leaped from place to place. Wherever he landed, he set fire to that place with his tail. Within minutes, the entire palace of Ravan was burning in fire! Bajrang Bali immediately went to Sita and held out his enormous hand at her asking her to jump on his hand, saying “Mother come with me, I will take you to Lord Ram”. To this, Sita replied, “Ravan had abducted me from my home in the absence of my husband. I want him to come here himself and then take me”. Bajrang Bali bowed before Sita and took a great leap back to India where at the shore, Ram and Lakshman along with millions of monkeys and apes were waiting for him. Upon landing there, Bajrang Bali told Ram, “O Lord, Mother Sita is alive! But you need to act fast before Ravan does anything evil to her!”

Ram desperately pleaded before the Indian Ocean, “O Lord of the Oceans, make way for me, please! My wife is in the captivity of Ravan in Lanka. I need to travel there” The Indian Ocean did not listen to Ram’s constant pleas and showed no sign of making any path for him. It was then Ram became furious. Thunder clapped the skies as the deadliest weapon ever in the history of the world, the Brahmastra, appeared in Ram’s hand. Ram aimed the Brahmastra at the Indian Ocean and cried, “O Lord of the Ocean, I am warning you, do not make me unleash the Brahmastra at you and devastate you once and for all!”

The Ocean God emerged from the Indian Ocean and begged Ram for forgiveness. He begged before Ram, “O Lord Almighty, I cannot make way for you all by myself. But I can help you out. If you throw big stones at me with your name inscribed on them, I can make those stones stay afloat. Those stones will make a bridge for you so that you and your army can cross me and travel to Lanka”.

Ram ordered Sugreev to order his monkey troop to throw stones with his name inscribed on them at the ocean and make the bridge. The monkey troop immediately set to work. Meanwhile, Ravan’s younger brother Vibhishan came to Ram and asked Ram to not destroy Lanka during his battle with Ravan. Vibhishan knew Ram was God himself, and Ravan’s destiny is sealed once he falls at the hands of Ram. Ram told Vibhishan that once he defeats Ravan, then he, Vibhishan, would be crowned as the next king of Lanka.

Adipurush (2023) Final Trailer:

Part 4: The Battle

The scene where Ram kills Ravan. Ram sat on Bajrang Bali’s back, while Bajrang Bali assumed his immense form, and shot Ravan dead.

The first confrontation took place. Ram and his millions of monkey troops standing on one side confronted millions of Lanka’s demons on the other side. As both the troops faced each other, Ravan landed on his Godzilla-sized creature. He had Sita with him. He unchained Sita and asked her to go to her husband. As Sita was running towards Ram, Ravan’s son Indrajeet, who had a speed like lightning, slashed her throat. The lifeless body of Sita fell in Ram’s arms. As Ram started at her, to his surprise, her lifeless body looked up at him and started laughing. Sita’s lifeless body in Ram’s arms started changing form until it assumed the form of one of the demons of Lanka. Ravan just tricked Ram. As Ravan watched this from a distance, he gave a huge cry of laughter. Sita was still with him and he hadn’t brought her there. It was only a demon disguised as Sita, which was now dead. At that moment, amidst the confusion, Indrajeet with his lightning speed started attacking Ram’s monkey troops. During the battle, he fatally injured Ram’s brother Lakshman.

That night’s battle came to an end as Lakshman fell dead leaving Ram with full of grief. It was Vibhishan’s wife who told them about the miraculous herb called “Sanjivani” that can bring the dead back to life. However, Sanjivani could only be found at one particular mountain in the Himalayas known as the Dronagiri mountain. Only that herb could bring Lakshman back to life. Jambavan, once again looked at Bajrang Bali, and Bajrang Bali set out for the mountain to obtain that miraculous herb. As he reached the mountain, he thought. “An immense battle would soon begin. Many of our beloved monkey soldiers may die in the battle. So that herb may be required for everybody sooner or later.” So he once again grew many times in size and lifted up the entire Dronagiri mountain on his shoulders. Ram saw Bajrang Bali coming back with an entire mountain on his shoulders. Vibhishan’s wife made the medicine out of the herb and bathed Lakshman’s body in that and behold! Lakshman came back to life.

Ram and his monkey troop now needed a different war strategy. Vibhishan told them about the two powers of Ravan. One was his son Indrajeet and another was his brother Kumbhakaran. Kumbhakaran was a demon who stood over 100 feet tall and used to sleep most of the time. Once he awoke he used to create devastation all around.

Indrajeet could only be killed inside water. Outside water it was impossible to kill him as he had the speed of lightning. So one day, as Indrajeet was bathing, Lakshman stealthily pounced on him and pulled him inside the water. Lakshman strangulated Indrajeet inside the water with his strong arms and killed him. After Indrajeet died, Ravan ordered to unleash Kumbhakaran on the monkey troops. The towering Kumbhakaran awoke from his sleep and pounced on the monkeys and apes who were attacking Ravan’s palace. Before he could do further damage to the monkey army, Bajrang Bali once again increased his size to the same level as Kumbhakarn. The two behemoths started fighting as everyone watched. Bajrang Bali started raining blows with his massive club on Kumbhakaran. However, that was not enough to kill him. Finally, Ram ended the fight by aiming an arrow at Kumabhakaran, killing him that very instant. Bajrang Bali also killed the behemoth vampire bat of Ravan by hitting its head with his massive club. One massive blow from Bajrang Bali’s club ended its life.

Upon the death of his brother and son, Ravan now himself stepped on the battlefield. There was an immense confrontation between Ram and Ravan one-on-one. Ravan stood many feet taller than Ram and assumed behemoth forms to destroy him but all in vain. The hand-to-hand confrontation between Ram and Ravan was immense. In the end, Ravan died at the hands of Lord Ram. Ram sat on Bajrang Bali’s back, aimed an arrow at Ravan, and shot him while he was assuming one of his behemoth forms during the fight.

The ending showed Ram’s reunion with Sita. After Ram’s 14 years of exile in the forest were over, he took over the throne of Ayodhya as king with his brother Lakshman and devotee Bajrang Bali by his side.

My Review Of The Legend Of The Divine Almighty Himself is Coming Soon Only on The Movie Blog! Please do not miss this! JAI SHRI RAM! JAI BAJRANG BALI!


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