Constantine 2 Cancelled In Wake of DCU

Keanu Reeves Constantine

Constantine 2 was confirmed to be coming to theaters with Keanu Reeves returning to the role. I say was because that is rumored to no longer be the case. Keanu Reeves first played the sorcerer and demon fighter in the 2005 film Constantine. The movie also stars Peter Stormare, Tilda Swinton, and Shia LeBouf rounding out an all-star cast. The news of a sequel came after years of rumors and was a surprise last year, especially with the expectation of a new DC slate. The film was confirmed but today’s rumors may be signs of another project cancellation under the new regime.

CBM Reports:

Scooper KC Walsh claims that Constantine 2 has now been cancelled, bluntly telling one of his followers, “Constantine 2 is not happening.”

“That was a movie they greenlit in desperation because they weren’t sure the direction of DC her and needed to have something post-2023.”

It’s worth noting that, as Walsh points out, Constantine 2 was announced prior to the formation of DC Studios.

This is another project in a long list of projects canceled. Although I think the new DC slate is really exciting I think losing some of these other projects is rough. Constantine 2 would be a great way to bring Keanu Reeves into the DCU and get ahead of Marvel’s with their desire to cast the actor. In addition, DC Studios has an Elseworlds label which will be home to Todd Phillip’s Joker and Matt Reeves’ Batman. The label looks to be a natural place for a Constantine sequel without overlapping with the new DCU plans.

Although this isn’t being carried by THR or Deadline I think this seems plausible.

What do you think of the news of a Constantine 2 Cancellation?


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