Constantine sequel could still happen

Constantine was one of those early comic book movies that flew so high over so many radar’s that a lot of viewers had no idea that the movies’ inspiration originally came from illustrations, so the news that a sequel is still rattling around the heads of the team behind the original is great news to me. Francis Lawrence, the director of the movie, had this to say when prompted with the question of a sequel:

Souce: AICN

Over the years, CONSTANTINE seems like it has this kind of cult following…which has been great, it’s been embraced, and it would be great to figure out a sequel. And if we did, and we’ve been trying to figure one out, it would be great to do the really, dark scary…we got caught in that weird PG-13 R no man’s land…and we should do the hard R, scary version, which I would love to do”

I had no idea that they even noticed that there’s a bit of a following for this movie seeing as how it’s been a good 6 long years or so since the original movie was released. I really enjoyed the movie for what it’s worth and I’m not surprised that there’s been resurrected interest in the character seeing as how he’s now a part of the DC comics spotlight with his **SPOILER** unforeseen appearance at the conclusion of their “Brightest Day” mini series.

I really enjoyed the original movie. I love movies that use religious undertones and they often propel themselves onto my ‘radar’ into the forefront of my ‘must see’ movie list. I hope this one continues to develop and if it does I’ll be sure to share with you guys.

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15 thoughts on “Constantine sequel could still happen

  1. This is a very under rated movie. I am not really big on watching movies multiple times unless I’m watching it with someone new, but I’ve seen Constantine 5 times and it never gets old. Although I’m not a big Keannu Reeves fan, his work in this role redeems his entire career. There should definitely be a sequel as the ending left off with plenty of directions to go. Rachel Weisz was totally smokin’ Hot in this also Djimon Hounsou as Papa Midnite should return. I suppose if they wanted to they could even do some kind of bring back from the dead and have Shia Lebouf return especially after his Transformers success he would draw some numbers.

  2. I actually do enjoy Constantine for *like Anthony said* what it’s worth, i especially like Tilda Swinton portrayal of androgynous archangel Gabriel & the depiction of Lucifer. Kinda creepy if i might say.

  3. I thought the first movie was really good and I liked Reeves in the role. I would love to see a sequel and I’ve been wondering when they would get around to this. It’s a shame when movie studios have a movie make money for them but it’s not quite enough or not what they thought and they deem it a failure.

  4. Wish I could join in on all the enthusiasm, but I really can’t. Let get one thing staight right now: the film’s theatrical rating was NOT PG-13. It was rated R by the MPAA. I am not only amazed at those of you who jump on that bandwagon- but even if the film was a PG-13, it’s a moot arguement.

    Sorry, Anthony. The first film didn’t fly over people’s radar scopes; the film made a financial success in its worldwide gross. It had an estimated 100 million to produce. Of the 200 million it made worldwide, only 75 million of that was domestic.

    A studio didn’t think iy was worth a second go around, plain and simple.
    People had a chance to see the film, some liked it, some didn’t. There was nothing to really get- the film was a garbled mess- and also to scapegoat the film’s shortcomings on not naming it Hellblazer (due to Hellraiser and Hellboy) or keeptng Constintine British (although Reeves could have tried his Dracula-like accent again I ‘spose) isn’t thier fault either- as that was how they got the film made. Reeves was miscast anyway.

    It baffles me more though that director Lawrence thinks the film would have been better if it went for a harder R rating. Blood and brimstone – or “lack” thereof was the least of the film’s problems.

    1. I know the movie made money. Probably not as much as they were hoping. Don’t be sorry, either way that really doesn’t change my opinion that viewers didn’t know that they were watching a movie based on a comic book.

      For what it’s worth, I never read the comic but enjoyed the movie. What didn’t you like about it?

      1. 1. Keanu Reeves (and I usually have a tolerance for the acor)

        2. I wasn’t that immpressed with some of the FX

        3. I found both sacreligious and hard to follow

        That all said, I did like Djimon Hounsou.

  5. For the most part I enjoyed the fist, but like some of you have mentioned, I felt John was a bit off. I think Keanu played him too strait. Someone else mentioned that Constantine is known to be a wise ass and there wasn’t enough of that in the first movie.

    It should be rather easy to come up with a sequel. Hellblazer has been in print for close to 25 years. There’s a little under 300 issues to draw inspiration from. Get to reading fellas! There have been some damn fine story arcs in the series. I’m sure one of them can be adopted into a movie.

  6. I would watch a sequel for sure, wasnt a big deal to me that Keanu Reeves hair wasnt blond for the role. I dont think there is an Iconic image of John like say a Superman has or any other hero that is highly recognizable.

    Bring on the sequel!

  7. i enjoyed the first one very much. i agree with you. movies that use religious undertones are so awesome. Legion was awesome. Something about a secular view of Christian/Judaic scriptures, really fascinates me. But i’m still waiting for that one movie, to fully capture the magnitude of Heaven and Hell, and show us the most epic battle scene ever between angels and demons.

    Legion had a crazy showdown with Michael and Gabriel, but it was in a kitchen… wtf! lol. If they do make a Constantine sequel, i PRAY TO GOD, that there a armageddon scene of angels and demons destroying each other in the backdrop of a huge city like new york.

    1. Roderick….I’ve been saying this for years and years now…my dream movie is an epic battle between heaven and hell. CANNOT WAIT. Let’s hope “Paradise Lost” comes close.

  8. Keanu’s look was off too, he should have dyed his hair blond.

    Didn’t really like the 1st one either, it was missing something.

    good creepy effects though, but a Throw-away flick.

  9. Not a big fan of the movie. They didn’t get the character right at all. Great special effects though. I like Reeves too, he just wasn’t the right fit for the character. Constantine is portrayed very differently in the comic. He’s got a smart alec side to him, not to mention that he outsmarted Lucifer.

  10. I liked this movie too, they did drop the ball alittle by not going R, but it was still a fun flick. I never got into Hellblazer, the John Constantine comic, but Ive heard good things. If there is a good story to be told, Im up for another ride.

    Keanu gets such a bad rap, but the guy is smart and can do certain things well. He’s also tried to stretch himself with moderate success, but the guy draws and has been in some great movies. Im a big fan of his and any time he’s in some kind of action flick Im interested…

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