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1.) General Thunderbolt Ross

Lastly, the other character that kinda concerns me is General Thunderbolt Ross. I’m really hoping that he’s not the main person pulling the strings in the shadows. Don’t get me wrong, it makes total sense. He would be the one to pursue Natasha given the events that transpired after Captain America: Civil War. When Black Widow allowed Captain America to escape, she betrayed the government and Gen. Ross would more than likely be the one tasked to bringing her in. And for that very reason, I’m hoping this isn’t the major plot twist of the movie.

Remember how I compared Black Widow to Captain America: The Winter Soldier? You know one of the things that made the latter so epic? It wasn’t the fact that there was a minor twist with Bucky being the Winter Soldier, but that there was a MAJOR surprise of Hydra secretly taking over SHIELD for years. That plot twist came out of nowhere and caught both causal movie goers and comic fans by total surprise. In addition to that, the Winter Soldier Hydra twist  was convincing, added some depth to the character of Steve Rogers, and it impacted the overall makeup of the MCU at large.

If General Ross ends up being the main player, who let’s say hired Taskmaster to go after Natasha, then I think that’ll be pretty underwhelming. I’m just not sure how shocking that would necessarily be for audiences. As far as the impact for the MCU moving forward, I do believe that Black Widow movie will be used to setup or drop the clues for the Thunderbolts. For those of you who are unfamiliar, just think of the Thunderbolts as the Suicide Squad version of the MCU. They’re anti-heroes and/or villains that are sent on random missions. The leading rumor out there is that General Ross will be doing his best Nick Fury impression to collect these anti-heroes for his causes. Don’t be surprised if that ends up being the case with Zemo and Bucky joining forces in the Falcon and Winter Soldier series premiering on Disney+.

Anyway, those are my concerns about the Black Widow movie. As I mentioned before, I know that this may be my own undoing by having high hopes for Black Widow, but I’m basing that off of interviews and the overall MCU track record of the past.  Furthermore,  I’m expecting that Black Widow delivers a compelling revelation of information that not only impacts and elevates the character of Natasha, but also provides us a great jump start as the first film in the new phase 4 of the MCU. At the very least, as Kevin Feige has promised, Black Widow should also give us some interesting insight about what pushed Natasha over the edge in Avengers Endgame. (No pun intended)

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