Here’s How You Can Win The Bumblebee Giveaway

I just reached 50K subscribers recently, and I can’t thank you all enough for you support. The folks at Paramount Pictures gave me a cool Bumblebee item and I want to pass on the good vibes to a lucky subscriber. Thank you sooo much for your continued support and helping me reach 50K subs!

To be eligible to win you must:
1) Visit the giveaway video on YouTube (also embedded below):
2) Become a YouTube subscriber of E-Man’s Movie Reviews
3) Leave a comment on that Bumblebee YouTube video.

The winner will be announced on the next upcoming video from E-Man’s Movie Reviews, so be sure to hurry and enter before that time comes. Good luck!

Bumblebee Giveaway Video:

Bumblebee Review:

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