IT COMES AT NIGHT - Horrifying Trailer & Even Crazier Reaction

IT COMES AT NIGHT – Horrifying Trailer & Even Crazier Reaction

IT COMES AT NIGHT caught me off guard, as I had no idea what type of creepy fucked up movie trailer it was going to be.

If you watch our reaction or even pay attention to the still on this post, we both screamed at the top of our lungs, as the trailer kept getting creepier and creepier.

The best part about this new movie is that not only does it have incredible reviews (from the very few who have seen it) but it does not give away nearly much of anything in the trailer.

This trailer is definitely one of my personal favorite of the year, as it shocks and stuns while it intensifies towards the middle and end.

IT COMES AT NIGHT is a must see for me as it is set to debut this June, so see the trailer for yourself below, and see if you are going to scream as horrifyingly as I did in the trailer reaction below:

Watch The IT COMES AT NIGHT Trailer:

“There’s only one rule, we don’t go out at night.” Ahhhh this may be my favorite trailers of the entire year.

I cannot wait to see Joel Edgerton do another great acting job, (let’s hope he makes it out alive).

Now, for the grand finale. . .

This trailer reaction is by far the most intense and outrageous one yet, as we actually rambled for a few minutes afterwards about how crazy and un-expected our reactions were. . .

Watch this outrageous trailer reaction that actually had me screaming like I was a character in the actual movie.


We’re you as shocked and grossed out as we were? Imagine watching this trailer with no prep for how scary it was going to be. . .

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IT COMES AT NIGHT debuts this June 9th.

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