New American Assassin Trailer & A Dramatic New Reaction (WATCH)

New American Assassin Trailer & A Dramatic New Reaction (WATCH)

American Assassin is one of those films that is all about counter terrorism and the special government agencies that are apart of it. However, this first trailer was a lot different than expected for me, as I was shocked at the extremely serious tone, this first trailer seemed to be taking on.

Maybe it is my recent viewing of FAST 8 and all of the other action movies having such a light view towards violence?

Either way, watch the first trailer starring Dylan O’Brien, Michael Keaton, and Sanaa Lathan, while staying tuned for what is a quite surprised trailer reaction from yours truly. . .

American Assassin Trailer:

Did you react as surprised by the tone as I did? See how I reacted below as I watched the American Assassin trailer for the first time. . .

Watch the official American Assassin Trailer Reaction:

Side Notations:

It has been a real pleasure watching Dylan O’Brien grow in his acting career since the Teen Wolf days. . .

(who knew Styles would make it so far)

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American Assassin debuts this fall as it is set to hit theaters on September 15th!

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2 thoughts on “New American Assassin Trailer & A Dramatic New Reaction (WATCH)

  1. They changed Mitch Rapp’s origin story quite a bit. Its been a while but I believe that his girlfriend had died during the Pan Am 103 bombing, and the CIA recruited him out of college. I suppose they didn’t want to use a real terrorist event to tell a fictional characters origin story. Right or wrong that is probably their reason. These books don’t contain a lot of humor if any at all, so the seriousness of the film is no surprise. I just hope it’s a good movie that is able to sustain multiple movies. I’m pleasantly surprised that Dylan O’Brien actually looks the part. When he was announced as the lead I was worried that he would look too soft for the part…

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