Deadpool 2 Finds It’s Director In John Wick 2

Deadpool 2 Finds It's Director In John Wick 2

Deadpool 2 is back on track, and I am sure Ryan Reynolds couldn’t be happier. With the recent departure of the excellent director behind the first Deadpool movie, it is great to see that Fox is getting a valuable replacement.

With Tim Miller gone, it is the John Wick 2 director David Leitch who is set to continue the production of Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool sequel.

While this directoral set back did delay the movie for quite some time, it is good that a director is back on track with Ryan Reynolds so we can start getting some more good Deadpool news.

Deadpool 2 Finds It's Director In John Wick 2

The next news reports surrounding Deadpool 2 should consists of the casting of major characters like Cable and even Domino who have both been rumored for several actors and actresses over the past few months.

Leitch had been rumored and fan cast as the new director for Deadpool 2, so lets hope everyone is right that he is the perfect choice for the movie.

It’s not like Ryan Reynolds would allow anyone to disrupt the greatness of Deadpool 2, so I wouldn’t be surprised if David Leitch barely has to do his job, since I am almost certain Reynolds is a huge part of he movies direction.

Either way, expect great news for Deadpool 2 within the coming months of it’s 2017 release date!

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