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Do you know, what is the worst thing in the world? Not murder, not diseases, not famine, but a Nicolas Cage movie. Do you know what’s worse than that? Watching a trailer for a Nicolas Cage film and liking it. I was way too hype to bash this movie. I even had all my jokes, scheme, and everything. But, I clicked play and before I knew it, I was enthralled in this heist. This is confusing because I’ve seen this plot done so many times, but never the less, I stood intrigued. Elijah Wood is in the film, too. But he’s an okay actor to me. He doesn’t raise a film nor does he brings it down. All and all, I’m kind of looking forward to this film. So what did you think about Nic Cage’s pedophile mustache, and I guess the trailer to. Comment below, and please let me know.




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One thought on “The Trust Official Trailer

  1. Nicholas Cage clocks out and takes lunch half way through all his movies so this trailer is probably all the actual work he did for the movie condensed to 2:21 and the other 98 minutes of the movie is going to be pure torture

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