The Adderall Diaries Official Trailer

Stop reading, right now! And, watch the trailer, then come back. Believe me, I’ll wait … Have you finished? Now may I ask you a question? WTF is this movie about? I was lost after thirty seconds. This pains me to say because I LOVE ME SOME James Franco, I would watching anything he’s in, EXCEPT this crap. The Adderall Diaries looks and feels way too convoluted. I get it. The trailer is trying to inform you that there’s much more than what meets the eye. But, it came off as just another movie that has a twist after another twist, after another twist. This wasn’t to further the story or advance the plot, it is there just because. James, I’m talking to you. Now look, I know you’re a business man, and you have had a couple of projects that have succeeded and some that was not so good. With that being said, this better be a check film. You are a phenomenal actor, and I don’t want to see you go down the Nicolas Cage path. You seen this shit, I mean trailer, what did you think? Share your thoughts down below.





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