Captain America: Civil War Official Trailer 2

YES, YES, YES!!! Around of applause to Marvel guys for never letting us down. I don’t remember Marvel ever giving us a bad trailer and this is no exception. They gave us some new clips they gave us some old clips and they gave us Spiderman. It wasn’t for long but, it was just enough geek-out and boyyy did I geek-out. First I’m absolutely flabbergasted that Spiderman is on Ironman side. I would have bet my son soul that he would be fighting along side Cap. I like the changes they did to the suit. It subtle but unique all at once. We see Scarlet Witch fighting Vision which is a hug surprise, because in the comics they are “intimate” if you get my drift. I thought they would explore more on that story line but I guess not. I will say Ant-man ridding Hawkeye arrow just to jump through Tony Stark hands was priceless. It was better than priceless, May 6th cannot come fast enough. I already know you love the trailer , tell me what was your favorite scene down in the comment section below.







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