The Last Witch Hunter Official Teaser Trailer

Dear Mr. Vin Diesel,
I’ve been a big fan of yours, for a very long time, Mr Diesel. From The Iron Giant to The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury, you could do no wrong. Hell, I even love your break dance video, you did back before you were famous (Vin Diesel Break Dancing Video). So, as a fan of yours, I am obliged to ask you, why the fudge are you doing this movie? Guardians of the Galaxy was the third biggest movie last year, domestically. Furious 7 is the fourth biggest movie of all time. That’s better than an Oscar… AN OSCAR! You can pick movies like you pick cars. However, you choose this piece of crap.  When I was watching this teaser, I almost thought it was an I Frankenstein sequel. You don’t want this for your career, at least not at this point. Look I understand everybody gets one, but make sure you understand, it’s only one.
P.S. Fire your agent. He or she is no good for you.
Mo Baptiste



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Seriously man! Does this look good? I’ll answer for you: fuck no.



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