The 1701 reveals a new 3D Star Trek Into Darkness trailer



There’s a new trailer that was revealed as part of Star Trek’s “Are You The 1701” campaign and my oh my is it enticing.  There’s a lot of action in this latest trailer and the animosity between stars Chris Pine’s ‘Kirk’ and Benedict Cumberbatch’s John Harrison character is prevelant throughout. I tire of the mystery surrounding  John Harrison and I see the intentional parrallels between him and Khan but I, frankly, don’t care about that. A lot of the mystery has diminished my interest as I’m not the kinda guy enamored with the mystery of ‘what’s in the box’.  It would have worked a few years ago, but the gimmick has worn thinner than a Shamalan twist ending. I don’t want to be too negative so check out the trailer above and comment below!


Source: Are you the 1701

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