Poster and Banner: The Great Gatsby



The Great Gatsby is quickly becoming one of the films that really stand out in the crowd of upcoming films with a few neat posters, a pretty stellar trailer with that catchy Safe House music, and more being released about this movie as the days go by.  Personally I think the film looks fantastic and will be one of the moments in which we see Maguire show off the fact that he has some serious chops when in the right role and working opposite of DiCaprio is certainly the test of measure for the young actor.  I seriously think he’s underrated and I look forward to the opportunity for Maguire to prove that I’m right to you.


This new poster shows off another actor quickly rising in the ranks, Joel Edgerton, and we also have a new banner to litter on our future coverage of this film at the top.  Let me know what you think in the comments below.



Via: Rama’s Screen


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