The New Riddick Logo and some cool concept art


I apologize in advance as my holiday schedule is typically atrocious with this year not showing any signs of being an exception. That said I happened to find some new concept art images for the next entry into the Riddick franchise, as well as what appears to be the first reveal of the official logo that coincides with the movie.



I like the way that they drew this with the white pencil on black paper. It implies… nothing, but it reminds me of some of the shots from the film ‘Pitch Black’ that started this franchise in the first place, and ever since that film I’ve been hoping that they can somehow recapture the imagery and tone and find a way to rehash that into a sequel. It’s not often that I want a sequel to follow the specific guidelines set prior, but Riddick certainly falls into a category of exceptions. I have enjoyed the imagery that we’ve seen so far and I’m going to remain optimistic for this film in anticipation of a proper trailer. That’s all for now…


Via: JoBlo



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