Could Dane DeHaan be our new Harry Osborn?


The rumor on the web right now is that Harry Osborn is also returning to the Spider-Man franchise. Now we may not get James Franco back in the role as he’s definitely team Raimi so the role is up for grabs and anybody can have it. The rumor circulating right now is that Dane DeHaan might be our man…



The Hollywood Reporter has heard that the Osborn role was originally to be portrayed as more of a jock-type character. But the angle has switched to a darker, edgier type. Which makes sense, given the tragic and dark destiny the character’s likely to face. And no, we don’t mean a bad time presenting the Oscars.

With that in mind, DeHaan would be a fine choice, but he’s just one of the actors testing. Brady Corbet and Alden Ehrenreich (above) are also being considered, and other names are likely to crop up.


I get criticized for not forming an opinion with this sort of stuff but it’s hard to make a judgement with the choice of actor, or even the rumor of which, when I am so focused on the direction they intend to take with the character. A jock? Dark and edgy? First off, I’ve never heard of an incarnation of Harry that wasn’t slightly dark, so that’s a no-brainer. Whether or not he’s a jock is an interesting and familiar approach as the guy has been portrayed as both throughout the years. I don’t completely dislike the idea of altering his persona and I’m interested to find out what direction they may choose… but I don’t have the same confidence in Marc Webb as I do with Brian Michael Bendis so I’m apprehensive when they let this guy change what’s known as the status quo.


All in all I agree with J.C., (that’s John Campea), in that he’s able to reflect a likable person who turns into somewhat of a dick throughout character development. There are a few other names in the running but this DeHaan guy is leading the pack mainly because he could nail the character no matter what direction they choose.


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Dane DeHaan at Lawless premiere photo courtesy of Shutterstock


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