Trailer: Iron Man 3

The first official trailer for Iron Man 3 has finally made its debut and does not dissapoint. Not only does this trailer give us some great shots of Tony’s new Iron Man armor and Rhodey’s patriotically redesigned War Machine armor, but it also gives us our first impression of Ben Kingsley as The Mandarin.

Remember yesterday when I was talking about that it’s pretty predictable that a villain will knock around the hero in a film? I’m about ready to eat those words as it seems like the Mandarin is taking things further than that. If I’m not mistaken it looks like they want to imply that not only does the Mandarin systematically dismantle the constant’s in Tony’s life, he begins to also make tony doubt himself. Tony, for all intents and purposes, only believes in few things and his own ability ranking pretty high on his lists. The man can’t even sleep and when he does sleep he has nightmares. That tells me that he may not have the confidence and bravado we’ve been accustomed to with the character. There are no jokes, there are no one-liners, there’s nothing humorous to be found in this trailer, and I like it.

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2 thoughts on “Trailer: Iron Man 3

  1. I have a question regarding this trailer.  @47 seconds into the trailer you see Ben Kingsley remove his hood.  Is that a Captain America shield tattoo on his neck with an Avengers “A” in the center?  If so why is it on his neck or on his person at all?

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