International trailer: Django Unchained


I’ve seen a lot from the marketing team behind the Django Unchained film. Posters, images, a clip or two, and trailers which have all given me a semblence of an idea of what to expect in this film and hinted at the tone that most of us predicted this film would reflect but none have given as clear of an idea as the following international trailer. This trailer, hands down, shows what I really want to see from this film and thats the borderline offensive Tarantino storytelling.



I like the trailer, I like seeing all the players, i like having a traditional trailer for this film that spells out what to expect and what you’re buying when you purchase that ticket. And the violence! Good gosh, there hasn’t been that much bloodshed in a Tarantino movie since the last Tarantino movie but seeing it all… I really believe that this is the best trailer that they’ve produced for this film so far and it shows me exactly what I hoped to see from this movie. Christmas just seemed a bit further away while watching that…


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