Red Band Trailer: Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning


Jean-Claude Van Damme, Scott Adkins, Andrei “The Pit Bull” Arlovski and Dolph Lundgren star in UNIVERSAL SOLDIER: DAY OF RECKONING, which ups the ante in the UNIVERSAL SOLDIER series, giving you more hard-hitting, bloody, no-holds-barred fighting action.




John (Adkins, The Expendables 2) wakes up from a coma to discover his wife and daughter were slaughtered in a brutal home invasion Haunted by images of the attack, he vows to kill the man responsible, Luc Deveraux (Van Damme). While John tries to piece his reality back together, things get more complicated when he is pursued by a relentless UniSol (Arlovski). As John gets closer to Deveraux and the rouge army of genetically enhanced warriors led by back-from-the-dead leader Andrew Scott (Lundgren), John discovers more about himself and begins to call into question everything he believed to be true.”


I still don’t know how I feel about this franchise on-going like this. While it’s definitely nostalgic to see Van Damme and Lundgren together again since the original Universal Soldier. Sometimes you wonder if enough is enough. It appears Van Damme’s character is a lot more stoic in this film, much like the previous sequel and with Scott Adkins more the lead character, whether or not this is worthwhile watching in the theatre remains to be seen. I enjoyed Adkins in Undisputed and I thought he was heavily underutilized in Expendables 2. This could also be an invariable reboot for the franchise too, seeing how there is no “4” moniker attached, but I’m still relatively skeptical. Lundgren still remains my favourite in respect to the Expendables franchise, so while it’s ‘cool’ to see him ham it up on-screen. Even as an action movie fan heralding back to the 80s and 90s, it’s tough to see this more than a film that should maybe go direct to video? In any event, check out the trailer for yourself.


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