The Twilight Marathon Poster

The cool thing to do these days for theaters is to marathon a movie franchise right on the eve of the final installment. This has happened for the Harry Potter franchise, The Dark Knight, The Avengers, and now Twilight fans will get the opportunity to watch all of the Twilight film in succession at a theater, (hopefully), near you. To help promote the event a new poster has been released to the masses and it features a lot of Edward and Bella.


It’s a little jarring to see all of the posters together. They’re definitely not the best posters I’ve ever seen and there’s little changes in the appearances of the priniciple cast over the course of this series I just feel weird about seeing all of the posters togther. Something about this being presented this way makes them seem… idunno, better? Richer? It gives it much grander sense of scale this way and probably is the best way for this franchise to be remembered. Love it or hate it the series has been a smashing financial success so it deserves any accolades it receives. I won’t be buying tickets, but kudos for those who do.

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