Nonso Anonzie joins Jack Ryan


This Nonso Anonzie guy has really been making an impression with me over the past year after hes highly entertaining appearences throughout the 2nd season of Game of Thrones as Xaro Xhoan Daxos and in hindsight even alongside Liam Neeson in The Grey. I really enjoy his subdued approach in those performances and I’m somewhat anxious to discover how much range he may have as a performer. He seems like he has the look, height, and build to be really succesful if he attaches himself to the right projects with an innocent, boyish, almost Tyler Perry-ish look that audiences seem to accept. We’ll have plenty of opportunity to find out if he shows us any range as he’s been cast in the Jack Ryan film,that will star Chris Pine, as well as the Gavin Hood project “Enders Game“.


I like keeping an eye out for standouts and I think Anonzie could be among them.


Via: Latino Review





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