Why should I care about the House at the End of the Street


I’ve been pretty ignorant to the upcoming Jennifer Lawrence film “The House at the End of the Street”. I’ve been ignorant and I’m not ashamed to admit, and why would I? For the most part this film looks like some generic teenage thriller that looks to fail to deliver. Those kinda movies are a dime a dozen and I might watch a trailer or two without progressing beyond that. This movie started it’s marketing shortly after the release of The Hunger Games to capitalize on the success of star Jennifer Lawrence and that move alone created a presumption about the quality of the film in my mind. Why should I care about the House at the End of the Street? Well another trailer has been released to try to convince me that this money is worth my dollars and I’m willing to watch and see what they have to offer:




Now, thanks to this trailer, I have mixed feelings. All other material mildly had my interest but this trialer just raised that to a little above ‘mild’. Yes, the movie still looks somewhat generic but it also looks a little better than the average “Jennifer’s Body-a-like” film that’s annually released and rehashed. It almost seems like a bit of a throwback of a thriller and channels, if not outright copying, some of the themes and elements from the early ‘Scream’ films. Yes, it’s still a bunch of attractive young hipsters looking and acting hip in their small town that is suddenly afflicted but unsolved murders but it has Jennifer Lawrence performing her ass off in the role. A good lead can make or break a film and she’s a great lead. I may not run out to see this film on Day 1 and would probably appreaciate a screening to change my mind, but I will admit that they had at least made my ‘Cable-TV’ list.


Is anyone interested in this movie or is this just viewed as a shameless cash-in on residual The Hunger Games fame?



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One thought on “Why should I care about the House at the End of the Street

  1. Actually, I was interested in this before I ever saw Hunger Games.  Of course, I also like Max Theiriot.  While My  Soul to Keep was a pretty mid-range and generic horror movie, I thought he was good in it.  I won’t be there opening day, but I’ll probably catch a matinee in the first week.

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