ANOTHER Resident Evil Poster


This is really getting out of hand. I’ve been reporting and posting Resident Evil posters for weeks now and yet I still find myself discovering more and posting them too. Today we have ANOTHER “Resident Evil: Retribution” poster showing off Alice with more guns, still looking sexy and interesitng but at this point I wonder if this is borderline obnoxious. I get that they’re interest of making money and want to make sure that I’m aware of the release but at some point I’m going to feel over saturated.


I actually like this poster a bit better than some of the others which, to me, looked like they were pulled off a comic book rack with this one at least promoting some interesting lighting effects that showcase good eye movement in the design. That and it’s actually one of the better pictures of Jovovich’s face shown in the marketing material, reminding us that there’s some sultry sex appeal about this gun toting woman in tight black leather.


Maybe it’s just me….


Via: Latino Review

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