SPOILER: Who is this guy that got cut from Prometheus?


Prometheus has been released and has been enjoying great success and anticipation for further entries with many lingering questions from the many mysteries left unanswered within the film. What’s equally interesting from the questions left unanswered in the film are the unanswered questions from what apparently was cut from the film.


Warning: read further at your own risk as we venture into SPOILER TERRITORY!


We’re all aware of the engineer and his place in the Prometheus and ‘Aliens’ franchise, but now we’re discovering that Ridley Scott originally intended for an additional engineer to appear within the film courtesy of this photo!


See that other, older, engineer on the left? He wound up on the cutting room floor on the road to production but gives insight and raises questions about the Engineer race. What was the original intent with the other guy? Why was he cut? Is he another faction of the engineer race? We don’t have those answers… yet. That’s all for now.



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3 thoughts on “SPOILER: Who is this guy that got cut from Prometheus?

  1. Yes I agree too the in the beginning scene that the engineer was a sacrifice.  Look at what he was wearing.  He knew what the black goo would do but it needed to bond to a certain DNA or result in a creature of chaos.

  2. Actually this was already answered on the “Xenopedia” site. The older “elder engineer” was a priest of sorts that would have given a little more clarity to the opening scene of Prometheus as a sacrificial ritual scene seeding a new planet with the human race. However, to leave the movie more ambiguous and open for debate and discussion it was deleted. Consider it more as an alternate opening. Ridley Scott has also mentioned an original script idea that the aggression and hostility of the engineers towards humanity was based on the premise that Jesus was an Engineer and that his death at human hands was the termination of their patience with us as their creation. I’m personally glad he trimmed the ideas back a bit and left the movie more interpretive.

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