Deadpool Hires Tim Miller

At one point, it was believed Fox was looking for a “comedy” director for the Deadpool spinoff-retcon film. Today they have named the director, Tim Miller. His background isn’t comedy. It’s VFX. MTV shares:

Tim Miller, a visual effects veteran from previous “X-Men” films, has just been tasked with bringing “Deadpool” to life for the studio. Though he has a long list of VFX credits on films like “Daredevil” and “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World,” this would mark his first time stepping behind the lens as director. Now that Fox has hired a director, one has to wonder how hard they’ll start going after Reynolds to fully commit to “Deadpool.”

That’s due to Reynolds being connected to RIPD, and there’s also a question of some actors being a bit cautious when it comes to first time directors. As for me, that’s NOT what bugs me a little. Yes, everyone needs to step up from somewhere, and the project is Deadpool- which is a tough sell to relaunch in some minds (please note I don’t mean in terms of the comics fans, but in concept of the general public) due to the “Wolverine” film (which wasn’t a bad film, but the handling of Deadpool was bad)…and Miller’s background on ‘Scott Pilgrim’ is a nice selling point. I can see some FX style in that in a Deadpool movie.

So what’s my reservation? Miller’s background is in VFX. Look, I’m sure he’s okay, but there are very few exceptions when it comes to FX wizards getting front and center to direct a feature length film. The FX will be stellar, and most everything else is put aside, like the actors and script. I’m not saying it’s always the case, but I am saying the odds are not in Miller’s favor.Now that the Deadpool film is gaining some momentum, what do the int’ friends think of the choice?

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9 thoughts on “Deadpool Hires Tim Miller

  1. Wonder if Ryan Reynolds had a hand in hiring this Tim Miller guy. I’m sure before jumping into this, he’s gotta know who’s the director first.

    1. Rob Liefeld is a JOKE. I don’t want him to direct anything. He is not a director.

      He may have “created” the character, but it was other writers and artists that made Deadpool the character we love. He didn’t have the mouthy charm and sarcastic 4th-wall repartee until love until after Rob’s involvement.

      I would take Uwe Boll before I trusted a hack like Liefeld who has never had an original thought in his head.

      1. Stop beating around the bush.
        Tell us how you really feel! :)

        this news is just more stuff that will probally change and get stalled like everything else before it.

        I see a Spawn like flick here.

        Not a good thing

      2. I would say if anything have Joe Casey at least write up a script, him and Ed McGuiness were the ones who brought out the best in Deadpool. And I agree with Rodney on Leifield, how he got into comics I will never know.

      3. Question: If Liefeld did direct the movie, would he CGI all the chraracters to have huge torsos, little bitty leggs and tiny feet? And utility belts! Everyone has to have pouches, lots and lots of pouches.

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