‘Haywire’ Trailer Is Here

There is a bit of curiousity factor regarding ‘Haywire’, the first time in many years where a martial artist (in this case, Gina Carano) is plucked from the ring and given a starring role in a A list movie. We knew for some time Carano was going to be in the Steven Soderbergh film, alongside the likes of Michael Douglas, Ewan McGregor, Antonio Bandaras and Michael Fassbender. But now it’s crystal clear Carano is the lead. And y’know what? I’m smiling.

Collider gives us the details over the SDCC panel:

Soderbergh says Carano first came to his attention when he turned on the TV and saw Carano fighting in an MMA match. He wondered why someone didn’t build a movie around here. “You’ve never seen anyone perform like this…in a cage,” he remarks. He then says he called up Lem Dobbs (The Limey) and asked if he had any interest in writing a female-centric revenge film. Soderbergh thought it would be fun to watch a female action star who did all of her own fighting and there were no stunt doubles for Carano.

Normally I avoided posting about Comic-Con news, simply because most of the news is presentation, soundbites…but this news is a bit of an exception in my view because it kind of goes under the radar. I’m also a fan of Carano’s, her supporting cast goes without saying, and I can’t think of any film Steven Soderbergh has directed that really went rotten. Not one.

More after this…

Did you like that? Hopefully you did. If you are somewhat skeptical, I don’t blame you. On the surface, it looks like another run of the mill spy gone rogue/agent got set up for a fall/ looking for answers/ payback the whole yardstick. That said, it still could be slick and well made. In addition, it falls back -at least in my POV- regarding martial artists turned action stars. I’m not opposed to it – so long as the filmmakers get the best performance they can out of that action star. With Soderbergh behind this (and reuniting with his ‘Limey’ scribe Dobbs) I’m confident this film will do okay.

Besides, it’s scheduled for a January 2012 release. Now I don’t know what’s going on, but it seems we are getting some of the best action films in the last few years that get released in the early months of a new year.

One more thing. I hope the film is a (mild) hit at least because I want Carano learning British accents. She’d be a great Lara Croft. (I know I’m going to catch hell for that, but there you go)

Okay. Time to face the music. What do you think, In’t friends. I know you all think I’m bananas…

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