Did Marvel Get The Rights To ‘Blade’ Back?

Over the past weekend at SDCC, Marvel’s Joe Quesada had many an answer for many questions. One slip of the tougue, however, has gotten some buzz: Marv’s CEO claims that New Line, in thier infinite wisdom, has handed over the rights to Blade back to Marvel Studios.

CBR reports:

Speaking of things that will have to wait, Quesada said now that Marvel has regained the rights on film to the Punisher and Blade, some kind of movement on bigger media projects with them can be expected but not any time soon.

The Punisher quip isn’t anything earth shattering (that’s old news; Marvel already got back the rights to that character from Lionsgate last year) but the Blade news is. For the moment, I’m taking it with a grain of garlic. It would be reasonable – New Line is pretty much done with the franchise (and, for that matter, New Line themselves is pretty much done) and the TV series only lasted a season.

Now, even the mere thought of Marvel getting Blade back is a nice thing to hear. Will they do anything with it? I sure hope so. Will it be a sequel once Wesley’s free and clear? That would be great. Can they work in the other two wish lists of mine – Krista from the TV show (Jill Wagner) and a Morbius-Blade smackdown? Well, I have my fingers crossed on two out of the four anyway. Just as long as the stay far, far away from the Nightstalkers business.

What say you, peeps?

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