Superman to be Edgier and More Physical

Director Zack Snyder revealed some interesting thoughts about his “Superman” reboot, including why he took on the project.

SFX reports:

Though he’s reluctant to give any details about the film, Snyder explains what attracted him to the project: “My feeling about Superman is that I’ve been a fan of the character for a long time. But the question for me was always, ‘What can you do with Superman in a modern world?’ And I think the amazing thing that Chris and David have created, that I’m working on now, and the reason why I was like, ‘Yeah, I’ll do that,’ was that they found that in him. They found the why in him. That’s the exciting part for me.”

“I can’t really talk about that without being kind of specific,” says Snyder. “But I can say I think Superman needs to be physical.”

I’m still totally unsold on this project. It falls in the same category as the Spiderman reboot in my book. I’m just not ready for it. Maybe it will be good, but I’m not yearning to see it. There hasn’t been a single piece of casting news surrounding it that has gotten me excited, and I just don’t think Superman needs the hyper-real edge of Batman Begins.

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9 thoughts on “Superman to be Edgier and More Physical

  1. I haven’t seen a good superman movie in what? Some 20 odd years? So hell yes I am ready for this. For me spider-man is completely different. We had spider-man 2 not so long ago.

      1. Nolan and Goyer may have come up with the idea but Synder is directing and it’s his vision we’ll see on the screen. So this could either end up looking like 300,Watchmen or Sucker Punch. It’s also dependent on how well Synder directs actors. Synder has his moments of brillance (certain scenes in Watchmen) and moments when he drops the ball entirely.( certain scenes in Watchmen). So the verdict is up in the air on this reboot.

        1. Nolan has a great track record, I agree. But they are talking about a concept by David Goyer. Goyer, we must remember, is the “mastermind” writer behind Blade 2, Jumper, the David Hasselhoff “Nick Fury” TV movie and a bunch of Puppet Masters, in addition to Nolan’s two Batman films. Remember, even Spielberg can make Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls.

          Regardless, I’m not saying it might not be great. Maybe it will be fantastic. I’m just saying, I’m not at all excited about it.

      2. David Goyer also helped write the screenplay to Dark City, Blade, and Batman Begins. His work is usually good when a solid or decent director controls his work.

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