Has Kick Ass 2’s Ass Been Kicked?

“Kick Ass” writer Jane Goldman told Absolute Radio that “Kick Ass 2” is currently not in the works. She cites busy schedules between her and Matt Vaughn (who’s currently helming “X-Men: First Clas”) and the desire to not proceed until things are absolutely perfect.

This is really sad for me. I loved “Kick Ass,” and think it’s probably one of the best superhero movies we’ve seen in the last few years. It’s a lot of fun, and really captures the wonder and awe of comic books that a lot of comic book movies seemed to have lost lately in the attempt at being hyper-real. Vaughn made this film to prove he could do a super hero movie, and it won him “First Class.” I hope he doesn’t forget how awesome it was as his success takes off. Anyone else disappointed by this news?

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12 thoughts on “Has Kick Ass 2’s Ass Been Kicked?

  1. She didn’t say it would never happen, according to Chris they all want to do it, but they’re just all busy, I don’t think theres any saying it WON’T happen…it’s just a matter of waiting I guess!

  2. I say YES 2 a sequel. With an ending like that u would think there would b a sequel right? Besides a sequel means more red mist/chris d’amico 4 me lolz XD but still I’d b very upset if there isnt a sequel…

  3. There will be a sequel, you just gotta wait until they’re done running the second installment of the comic series. Millar knows there is money in Hollywood now more than ever after the first movie, so he’s also slated to start working on movie adaptations of his other projects ‘Nemesis’ (which I think we’ll see first) and then ‘Superior’, his superhero story with a Tom Hanks ‘Big’ take on the genre. Just be patient and you’ll see results.

    …Though I wish they would have used to comic story from Kick-Ass for the movie instead of the script they ended up using. Dave doesn’t get the girl, Big Daddy is just a comic-collecting nobody in the end, and no damn jet-pack with dual miniguns. Just a twelve year old girl hopped up on cocaine cutting off peoples heads and the main baddie getting his genitals shot off and getting a meat clever jammed into his skull. Way more brutal that the RPG killshot the movie used.

  4. I agree with 420BAND, They shouldn’t make a sequel to this film. The graphic novel didn’t have one why does the film adaption need one. They’re millions of graphic novels, just choose a new one.

    Also on a side note I’m still angry over them ruining the film adaption to Wanted, If you’ve watched the movie but have not read the graphic novel then go pick up a copy because it is a million times better and 100% different. And theres no fabric that tells people to kill anyone, and 98% of the characters are different alien races.

    1. I feel ya man, Wanted film was FUBAR. the Novel rocked though!
      Plus Angelina was way too “Heroin” skinny that it felt creepy checkin’ her out! LOL.

    2. Actually Mark Millar did do a sequel to the initial miniseries. It was called Kick Ass 2. I thought the movie was good and Nick Cage gave us one of his best performances in years. I do wish they would have kept the ending as it was in the comic. It was a real WTF ending and it caught you off guard when you read it. The whole jet pack thing was corny but didn’t take away from the movie that much.

      Should they do a sequel? Can’t say I’m for or against one. It was a good movie not great so I’m on board either way. If anything they need to reboot Wanted and follow the series note for note. Give it an R rating and go for it! Like 420Band said they F’d that movie up bad.

      1. Another thing Halle Berry and Eminem should have starred in the Wanted Adaptation cause the two many characters were modeled after them. Man! just thinking about how badly they screwed up Wanted makes me wanna puke!

    3. I’m sorry, got to disagree with you on the Wanted part. I own and truly enjoyed the graphic novel, but I think a direct adaptation would of been to much for the main stream audience. It would of only been catered to a minority of movie goers. A league of assassins bent on wiping out all super heroes across dimensions with a leading character that goes around raping high profile actresses and wiping out police forces in their own precinct… as well as all that might look on paper, I think such an adaptation to life action would of been lost and would of caused a bigger fiasco than what Sucker Punch has done. Personally I loved the movie and am quite happy they changed it completely from the novel. Hi, like this awesome pin I am wearing? It allows me to do whatever I want and get away with it! No thanks, this is one I like and works in a graphic novel, but would not have for a live action. To each their own… I’d of still seen it either way, but I don’t think I would of enjoyed it quite as much had they followed the source material closely. :)

      1. I hear what you’re saying Jeremy but I have to disagree. That’s why I said put an R rating on it. If done right the movie going public would get it. The Wanted movie was bastardized version of the mini series. The Arch types in the mini series would have translated well to film and folks would have followed the themes Millar set up. All Millar was doing was paying homage to characters like Batman, Robin, the JLA, Joker and what not. He just turned everything upside down and said what if the villians had won. You’re telling me the movie going public wouldn’t be able to follow that, and also enjoy it. The public ain’t stupid, they’re looking for something different, especially in the Superhero genre. The Wanted movie was just a standard action shoot em up. The movie sucked pure and simple. Trust me someone is going to revisit this property, get it right and make a crap load of money doing it. As for Sucker Punch, that was a stand alone project unrelated to comics. That was a Zack Synder mess pure and simple. It was badly written, badly directed and badly acted. Synder’s track record ain’t that great. He’s made so so movies using existing properties like Watchmen and 300. Sucker Punch ain’t some misunderstood movie, it’s just a bad movie pure and simple. The public loved Inception and it had a million things going on but it was all put together in away that made it easy to follow. For years people thought Lord of the Rings was unfilmable and look how wrong that turned out to be.

      2. You read far into what I wrote and pulled out a paragraph of putting words into my mouth. I did not say any of what you said. I never said the audience wouldn’t get it, just that I believe it is stuff the majority has no interest in seeing or would get a negative response from. Even what you seem to think I was implying about Sucker Punch was off. More so that Sucker Punch was made for the masses and only a few liked, me being one of them. I think the same would happen with a true adaptation of Wanted. Expectations of grandeur, but in the end only liked by a select few.

  5. As fun as most of that movie was, I think a sequel would bite.
    good things that come in small doses tend to seem cooler than they actually are. let it be.

    Hit girl: No Offense!

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