Scream 4 Trailer Online

As far as clichéd slasher horror filims go, I thought the Scream franchise did well in embracing the cliché so that it was no longer a cliché. Playing with a slasher who idolizes the “rules” of horror films.

Seeing horror run through a number of subgenres in the last decade, its great to see them play on those in an effort to bring back the Scream franchise. I also like the parallel of the townsfolk of Woodsboro reflecting on the “Stab” movies within the movie while fans of the franchise revel in the return of the films themselves. That works on a completely different level.

Some new faces are required, and while its refreshing to see Hayden Panettiere not be a cheerleader (though not digging the short bob hair) even though I figure she wont make it half way through the film.

I still want Sidney to be the killer.

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