Anne Hathaway ‘Rises’ as the new Selina Kyle

Details are finally starting to spill out about the forthcoming “Dark Knight Rises” including some major casting news as it was recently announced that the roles for Catwoman and Bane have been filled!

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Warner Bros. Pictures announced today that Anne Hathaway has been cast as Selina Kyle in Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight Rises.” She will be starring alongside Christian Bale, who returns in the title role of Bruce Wayne/Batman. Christopher Nolan stated, “I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Anne Hathaway, who will be a fantastic addition to our ensemble as we complete our story.”

In addition, Tom Hardy has been set to play Bane.

Now I have to admit that I am a huge fan of Anne Hathaway. It started after watching “The Devil Wears Prada” and has continued to expand over time. I think Hathaway has what it takes to bring a new level of ‘Sexy’ to the Selina Kyle character and you really can’t go wrong when you add a level of talent such as hers to your film. I really think that we will finally find the on screen chemistry from a love interest between Christian Bale’s Bruce Wayne that we were hoping to see in the first 2 movies. The surprise for me is Tom Hardy playing Bane. I don’t know why I couldn’t have guessed a fitting villain to fit within Nolan’s Batman world as I really think that Bane could easily be the most organic fit yet into the series. I’m really hoping Hardy and Hathaway knock these performances out the park and let’s face it, they can’t be any worse than what we got from Jeep Swenson and Halle Berry.

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43 thoughts on “Anne Hathaway ‘Rises’ as the new Selina Kyle

  1. Very true, nobody can say what works in Nolan’s universe better than the man himself. Still Bane is an interesting choice. But again, like a lot of people have said he is the man who broke Batman so it will be interesting to see if that plays out.

  2. I really wish people would stop deciding what does and doesn’t fit in the Nolan universe. Or stating what Nolan would and wouldn’t do. “This doesn’t fit in the universe that Nolan’s created” and “Nolan wouldn’t do this or that” are the two most over used comments when it comes to discussing this movie. What ever characters are in the movie are the characters that fit in Nolan’s universe, because Nolan put them in the movie. Obviously he decided how to make Bane work in his universe. what’s with all the second guessing? Some of you are getting close to how people sound when discussing Pappa Smurf and the Star Wars universe.

    1. well, because that’s what make most of we are here at the first place, fanboyism. It’s will and always be attached to any movie franchises which widely regarded as icon and having a huge fanbase. Any news and decisions will always be come under the knives of fanboys. Same goes to Nolanverse Batman. Because… it is Batman you know.

  3. Anne Hathaway is perfect for catwoman. Go look at any catwoman drawing by Adam Hughes.

    I wonder what way theyre gunna go with her… love interest, mentaller, cute and wry… shes changed loads over the years…


  4. Honestly I have faith in Nolan so I am not going to lose hope yet. I think he is great at casting but I am very interested how he will manage his real-world approach with Catwoman. Not to sound sexist but I hope there are no battles between Bat and Cat because it is hard to make it believable that a woman (regardless of her training) who is half the size of Batman would be a formidable opponent. I hope Nolan doesn’t hit the trilogy curse and this movie turns out bad with so many expectations being built up from The Dark Knight, but if anyone can beat the curse it would be Nolan.

  5. the knighfall series with batman and bane were amazing. I still think Bane was one of the best characters and with how well Nolan does with his characters, I think will be a surprise hit. People do need to forget the batman and robin bane as that was no where near. And Hathaway as catwoman… yes guy! she’s 3 times sexier than pheiffer and just as good as an actress. This movie is looking realllllly good.

  6. I LOVE Anne Hathaway, and despite the fact that The Dark Knight got snubbed at the Oscars, i’ve been very happy with this series. Anne Hathaway’s star is definitely rising, (no pun intended) and she will be a great addition to this already stellar cast and crew. Cant wait :)

  7. Anne Hathaway? Eerr……I don’t know. I’m just not feeling it. I believe someone like Keira Knightly would’ve been a better choice imo. The same goes for Bane being one of the villains; in fact it disappoints me to a degree. I know that Bane is a great criminal mastermind and all….But how are they going to portray the side-effects of the Venom drug in The Dark Knight Rises? In the comics, Bane freaking balloons in mass to the point where someone could easily mistaken him for a Dragonball Z or Ultimate Muscle reject whenever he takes the drug; how exactly would/could this work given Nolan’s vision for his Batman trilogy?

      1. For me, this is the opposite of how I felt when Heath Ledger was cast as Joker: It’s not the ACTOR I’m worried about more so than the CHARACTER he’s set to portray.

    1. Yeah, and the Joker’s skin is literally permanently chalk white in the comics. Nolan didn’t think this would work in his universe so he changed it and it worked out fine. Bane doesn’t have to balloon up, that is one aspect of the character not the character himself. Nolan just needs to get the tone right not the size. He could make him a mastermind who is a gym rat for all we know and it would still work tonally.

      1. The reason Joker worked was because the character was a perfect fit for the Nolan universe. Sure, a liberty was taken via the make-up, but the Joker’s character was still there; a demented, unpredictable maniac with an almost masochistic sense of humor. Bane, on the other hand, doesn’t fit so well. And besides, after the things Joker but the Caped Crusader through in The Dark Night, what could Bane possibly do (besides break Batman’s back) that would drive Batman to the edge?

  8. I wonder if Bane could possibly kill or appear to kill Batman in this film? Since this is the last film in Nolans trilogy, I wonder if he will effectively shut the door on future films by killing off Batman, or will he have him “retire” or simply end it in similar fashion as Batman Begins and The Dark Knight where it is implied that he will go on…

    1. why would they name the movie the dark knight rises only to have him literally fall in the end?

      unless nolan implies he rises like the lord jesus christ our saviour.. but he doesnt.. so bruce isn’t dying. i dont think at least

      1. I say this because Nolan has stressed the concept that this is the last film in a trilogy, so will it be open ended and Batman continues on, or will there be some sort of finality where Batman either dies or retires.

        The Dark Knight Rises could refer to the idea or symbol rising, sort of like a martyr, I dont know that he will die, but I could see Nolan turning the genre on its ear, and killing off the superhero has never really been done like this…

  9. I’m sure this will be cool–Nolan hasn’t messed up yet. However, I’m just not as excited about Bane/Catwoman as I was for Joker/Two-Face.

    Leger’s death was such a shame. You know Nolan was initially planning to reprise the character in the 3rd film.

  10. I am all about the cat woman casting. Not sure how you are going to work Bane in. Don’t get me wrong Bane is a very deep character and he is just as smart as Batman but how does he fit into this universe. Do you go with him wanting to test himself and kill batman and discovering his identity or do you go with Bane and Batman joining up to stop the spread of venom/drugs in Gotham. He is a good character i just don’t think he is strong enough to use for a movie (strictly using stock material) I don’t put anything past Nolan and i can’t wait.

      1. I can see him using steroids maybe cause I don’t see Nolan calling it venom. Maybe he uses a stack of finajet,dianabol and testosterone which would make him ripped and give him size and strenght. Nolan might make him someone who has to take testosterone replacement therapy and he got addicted to the strenght that comes with it. It’ll be interesting to see how he does it but Bane would still be great even without the enhancing.

      1. agree w/ Rodney. In comics, Bane is actually a strategic master & quite smart. That’s why Bane can put Batman into submission by wearing him down first to a certain level. Don’t ever mention Batman & Robin as a sticking point. That movie is an abomination to humanity!

      2. I think Nolan will throw out the venom stuff. You don’t need the super size and strength aspect to get Bane right. Nolan will probably play Bane as someone who is just as smart and well trained as Batman. Hardy would only need to buff up a little for this. Nolan will probably have Bane in dress suits most of the time. He may be the person that succeeded Bruce in the League of Assassins.

  11. Love it! Hathaway will be good as Selena Kyle and Hardy knocks it out of the park in everything he does. Bane is an inspired choice for Nolan. He gets a bad rap from the Batman and Robin fiasco but he is actually a pretty smart, formidable opponent in the comics.

  12. I’m sure Tom Hardy’s role in Bronson had a little influence in Nolan’s decision for him to play Bane. I said a long time ago before Batman Begins was even announced that Bale would be perfect for Bruce Wayne/Batman based off his yuppie character with an alter ego in American Psycho.

  13. I don’t think it will be hard for Nolan to get a decent Bane in his last installment. I’m worried about Catwoman becoming too feminine. I know that she’s a very feminine character, but I would hope to see a lot of ass kicking out of her. I also hope Hardy beefs up… a toneless bane would be a disappointment.

    1. He toned up for his role in Bronson, anyone who saw Hardy in Inception probably wouldn’t even recognise him right away. I think if it is done serious and making the Bane transformation dark and almost horrific then it could keep down the same routes that the previous two films had

      Now, I love Batman – But im not a serious Batman Comic reader; isn’t Bane Spanish? I’m just wondering how close Nolans portrayal of Bane will be with Hardy filling the role. Though at least he can act! I personally counted Bane out of the films because I didn’t see Nolan going for any ‘Meat Head’ as he wanted the storylines to be gripping for the Audience, with Hardy in the role it is going to be very interesting!

      1. While he might be from the fictional Northern Caribbean Spanish colony of Santa Prisca, he is never presented as having a Spanish accent, his real name has never been revealed or any other cultural affectations so I doubt it will have any impact on the character.

      2. I just started reading the Knight Fall series and it is very interesting. It shows Bane’s ability to plan and design organized crime. I think a very well developed character can make this film an unbelievable finish to Nolan’s Bat Trilogy.

  14. I hope it is true that Bane will be in the next Batman movie. I totally want to see a Nolan version of the character which is closer to the comics instead of the crap version we got for Batman & Robin.

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