Underworld 4 is called New Dawn

Underworld 4 will see the return of Kate Beckinsale in leathers, and a title has been revealed. Underworld: New Dawn.

Empire says:

Set fifteen years after Underworld: Evolution (Rise of the Lycans was a prequel, remember), New Dawn apparently sees Seline waking from a coma to find that she has a daughter. She’s called Nissa and she’s a vampire/werewolf hybrid, since her father was Scott Speedman’s Michael.

This new synopsis also reveals that there is a corporation attempting to breed super-lycans which will represent the core threat of the film. Also, this could be the last film for Beckinsale as they hope to pass the torch to this new hybrid girl.

It will be awesome to see Beckinsale vamp it up again, but if they are going to churn out a pile more movies for this franchise I hope that it is with a new character with her own storyline to follow.

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7 thoughts on “Underworld 4 is called New Dawn

  1. Kate is a great actor and iam looking forward to this movie. They should just animate the lycans, it doesn’t look realistic when they use lycan suites. The first and second movie was awesum, the 3rd one..ummh, not so…I have very high hopes for this one…

  2. Now that Kate is back, this film should really be an eye opener. They need to bring back Scott Speedman though. He made one really awesome hybrid. Besides, Kate the mom and Scott the dad, and once they cast an actress to play the daughter….well think about it…..once kickbutt family there.

  3. I really enjoyed the first movie when it was in theaters. The second one lost me a bit. Rise of the Lycans was awesome. New director, new ideas, new TIME PERIOD (which made the film apart from Michael Sheen) and great action. Since both the species in these movies are immortal and have tons of history, I really, really was hoping that they’d have this one set in a different time and place rather than in the really near future.

    They could have had it set in 1914 during WWI, back in ancient Egypt, feudal Japan etc. They could do a story based around how the very first vampires and lycans came to be (I know they touched on it in Evolutions but flesh it out more. There’s more story to be told there.)

    With Wiseman back at the helm, I do have some concerns with which direction he’s going to take the movie.

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