Tarantino Rewrites The Shadow

After Sony gave up on rebooting The Shadow, they sold the rights to the project to Fox who apparently has intentions to do something with the property.

And now word has it that Quentin Tarantino is rewriting the script.

Dark Horizons shares:

Sam Raimi and later David Slade had been attached to the project when it was setup at Sony Pictures. Sony sold the rights earlier this year to Fox but at last report Raimi was still attached as producer.

Tarantino is now said to be re-writing Siavash Farahani‚Äôs script. If true, the move comes as a big surprise as Tarantino is linked to plenty of other projects but his name has never come up in regards to “The Shadow” before.

Tarantino is one of those names that will completely change a project with his involvement.

I am not one of those people who automatically assume that Tarantino’s stamp instantly means success. But he is one of those guys who does some strange and different stuff that is not afraid to get different.

I really loved the first Shadow film, and I know Tarantino has a deep respect for classic cinema styles so it sounds like a good match.

I wonder if he will direct?

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5 thoughts on “Tarantino Rewrites The Shadow

  1. Would be interesting if he directed. But my money would be on that he’s simply re-writing it. I think he said the next film he would direct would be Kill Bill Vol. 3

  2. My excitement completely hinges on whether or not he will direct. We all know what happened with Natural Born Killers…

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE The Shadow film with Alec Baldwin, so if Tarantino WERE to direct his own treatment, that would be out of control!

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