Inception causes X-Men First Class Re-Writes

Matthew Vaughn has seen Inception, and while he loved the film, he was disappointed to see that his vision for some of X-Men First Class was already on the screen.

Now so that people don’t think his film is ripping off Inception, he is forced to change a pile of what he had planned to dodge comparisons.

LATimes quotes Matthew Vaughn:

“I saw ‘Inception,’ which I loved,” Vaughn said Monday. “But my heart sank when I saw that a few of the ideas we had were up [on the screen]. So it’s either leave it in and look as if you’re copying or change things. We completely ripped out about 12 pages of the script and the storyboards.”

Its encouraging to think that great minds think alike, but sometimes when you have an idea and unrelated somewhere else someone else has a similar idea, you either have to stand up to criticism and accusations or take it like a man and walk in a new direction.

It appears to come down to some of the dreamstate sequences in Inception looking a lot like what he planned to do with the psychic battles we might have seen in X-Men First Class.

Some very cool visuals are found in the comics when they illustrate exactly how psychics battle it out on a different plane of existance, often with conjured armour and energy blasts in a surreal dream like landscape. It was Vaughn’s intention to have similar scenes illustrated in First Class, which makes sense since The Hellfire Club and the Shadow King may well be the villains in the film.

I am curious as to what he might replace those scenes with and will always wonder if the Inception-esque dreamscapes would have been better.

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8 thoughts on “Inception causes X-Men First Class Re-Writes

  1. ROFL — this, to me, is a clear publicity attempt to make First Class seem comparable to Inception. The last two X-Men movies — a mediocre Last Stand and a stinker of a Wolverine crapfest — leave no hopes for this franchise for me, even with Vaughn, who did an excellent job with Kick-Ass. Brilliant PR, though. LOL.

    1. I think its pretty clear he DOESN’T want you to compare it to Inception.

      He threw out 12 pages of the script and has to come up with something different so its NOT compared to Inception.

      Seems he is making a clear attempt to make the best film without looking like he ripped off something. As good as those scenes were (to him) he is making changes so this film will be judged on its own.

      If he wanted pure PR, he would have been cursing Inception for unintentionally stealing his ideas and making a scene about going through with it anyways.

  2. well i think it’s good he’s trying to avoid comparison to others. Too many movies these days seem to (intentionally or unintentionally) have many elements of other movies. This is especially common in Scifi/action movies.

    But then again, maybe the original plan would’ve been better than just scrapping it up for a whole new one.

  3. i think he made a good choice of ripping out those pages because he saved himself the trouble. A lot of films like the ateam and the losers were exactly the same even though the losers came first.

    1. Tony, A-Team is based on a TV Series from the 80s and its plot was right from that TV show. A crack team of commandos framed for a crime they didn’t commit? That’s the plot of the A-Team TV and film.

      The Losers (comic and film) copied this theme, not the other way around.

  4. I can understand not wanting to be called a copycat but I think that with the content of First Class (because if Shadow King and Hellfire Club are in it then psychic combat is a MUST) he could have gone through with it. But I’m a fan of X-Men and therefore would be able to think beyond the presumption that he did it just to copy Inception.

    It would have been cool if he had already filmed those parts and then later pulled them out (that way they might have lived on as “Deleted Scense” on the DVD/BluRay releases).

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