Could Cyclops be Kickass?

A picture speaks a thousand words, but wild speculation speaks a million.

A photo grabbed of James McAvoy and Matthew Vaughn, both attached to X-Men First Class and Dave Lizewski all coming out of or going into some meeting has one website throwing their bid in that Aaron Johnson might be playing a young Scott Summers for First Class.

Filmonic says

The image above, taken by one of those paparazzi types, shows director Matthew Vaughn with James McAvoy and Aaron Johnson (who played Dave Lizewski in Vaughn’s Kick-Ass). This meeting took place last week, and given the recent casting news we can assume Vaughn and McAvoy were taking about X-Men: First Class. So what’s Johnson doing there?

Not saying it won’t happen, but sometimes a lunch is just a lunch.

I would think they might want to use the same actor that played Scott Summers (Tim Pocock) in X-Men Origins Wolverine, as the part in this movie when Charles and Erik recruit their first class of students at Xavier’s Institute for the Gifted would likely take place after the closing scenes in Origins Wolverine where we see Xavier shuttle away some captured students.

However it wouldn’t be the first time an Xman was replaced for subsequent films.

Would you be cool with Aaron Johnson as Cyclops?
Do you think this means anything? Or is it just lunch.

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6 thoughts on “Could Cyclops be Kickass?

  1. Is it possible that he isn’t Cyclops at all but young Magneto? Especially seeing as how James and Aaron are a lot closer in age than they look.

    1. While I would not have thought Magneto- I do agree that it won’t be Cyke. I don’t know where on earth folks draw that conclusion. It could be ANY character.

      And it just might be a lunch.

      1. Y’know what John? It’s an afterthought, but I’m thinking it is quite possible you may be correct.

  2. Looks wise… I can see it. For a teenage Cyclops mind you… He’s a bit to scrawny for the adult Cyclops, but that’s really not what he’s being hired for, so it’s really no issue. But I agree, for continuity’s sake, use Peacock again. Otherwise it’ll end up being a reboot of sorts.

    What I’m NOT sold on is James for Prof X. I just can’t picture him as the character at all, though I am relived to know that they won’t be doing the creepy anti-aging CGI that they did on Wolverine. *shudder* It haunted my dreams.

  3. Its hard to say what I think of Aaron Johnson because I only seen him in kickass and I know they made him look like a nerd in that movie.

    But looking at James makes me think that he is a bit young. Professor x seemed to be much older than Cyclops in the other movies. James looks like he will only have about a decade on a teenage Cyclops

    1. I would suggest checking out Nowhere Boy to see another Aaron Johnson movie. He does a great job as a young John Lennon.

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