Thor and Captain America Title Logos Online

A new pair of images have surfaced online that will show us what the typeface and logos for the upcoming Captain America and Thor films will look like.

Unfortunately the source only had low res pictures to share, but we still get a pretty good look.

The Captain America one is just about exactly how I would have expected and very reminiscent of the comic book title, but Thor is a little less like the comic book logo but still has that feeling of mythos to it.

I like them both a lot, and I feel they both serve to properly illustrate the characters.


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6 thoughts on “Thor and Captain America Title Logos Online

  1. Captain America font is spot on!

    Thor is O.K.

    I got a silly question:

    How come we will never see a movie poster looking like a comic book cover? Y’know, with the title on top and a cool scene from the movie in freeze frame mode or something like that.That’s something I’ll always hunger for. insted we get floating heads or something too dramatic or a major close up.

    I’d love to see this approach on one of these upcoming flicks. you’d think they would put at least one out like that. every movie has like 10 posters for it anyways..

    nuff said!

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