Del Toro Leaves The Hobbit Reaction Video

A bombshell felt ’round the net, Guillermo del Toro announced that because of the many delays surrounding The Hobbit and other projects that he is involved in becoming a problem.

John Campea at AMC Script to Screen chatted with many of us Movie Pundits about our reaction and put a reaction video together.

The video features such respected personalities in the movie pundit world such as Michael Regina at, Alex Billington at, Rebecca Keegan at Time Magazine, Erik Davis at, Kofi Outlaw at, Dennis Tzeng at, and of course your humble Senior Editor at, me.

So who do you think should direct now that Del Toro has walked? Do you think they will ever get to make it with MGM’s problems and the delays?

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14 thoughts on “Del Toro Leaves The Hobbit Reaction Video

  1. If not Jackson, bring on Tim Burton. He’s dark enough, and he will bring sufficient effects, and an ambiance of wonder and intrigue.

    1. imagine a show of Gandalf getting of a horse (in a slow-motion 360 pan a la michael bay)…

      please NOOOOO! lol

      Bay is awesome for many other movies – but not for something like this…

      1. That sounds awesome, but you would have to add a little lenses flair. If not the hobbit, I’d like to see Bay do a movie in a similar setting.

  2. I like the round table discussion/opinion vlog/blog here. I want to see more of this. Great stuff from everyone. Peter Jackson should direct The Hobbit movie. Since Del Toro left, Jackson seem to be the best choose. Jackson could easy force the Hobbit movie in the right direction (start shooting).

  3. That was great to see all of their opinions back to back like that. Great job Rodney! You should use that format more often. It looked great!

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