Hollywood Sign Hotel Concept

The Hollywood sign is a landmark of the Movie Capital of the world, but it has seen better days. One Danish archetect seems to have grandeur plans.

Rama Screen says:

Hollywood Sign has been in a lot of problems lately, not to mention it doesn’t look as glamorous and inviting as it used to be. There have been debates on what to do about it, city of L.A. owns the landmark but the land around it is privately held and investors want to sell it to developers so that more unnecessary mansions can be built. Sad really. But Danish Architecture, Christian Bay-Jorgensen, via Daily Mail, came up with this great idea.. turning the sign into a hotel! Why didn’t anyone think of this before?

I agree! Why wouldn’t they want to make another attraction? And that sign needs a fixin up, and all it is is white letters on a support.

Fix it, and then make it useful! Check out the concept art:

I would make a point of staying there and it would be an amazing upgrade of this landmark. That looks so cool.

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6 thoughts on “Hollywood Sign Hotel Concept

  1. They should just leave it the way it is. Its not rundown it looks fine.

    If anyones planing on building up there keep in mind your getting high doses of RF Frequencies. Not healthy to live under that exposure.

  2. I think it would be great for tourism and for the city and it would really add something to the famous trademark of the city. BUT…

    One earthquake and its down the mountain..

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