New Character Posters for Iron Man 2

Some new character posters are out for Iron Man 2 have been released and while Widow looks a lot like the Wondercon Exclusive Black Widow poster I kind of prefer the black background instead of the white. (Still no conclusive peeks at the Shield badge we caught a glimpse of in the Trailer)

Still they look good:

These look pretty great, but some off the crops are a little rough. I really like when they do individual character posters, so this looks pretty cool to me.


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13 thoughts on “New Character Posters for Iron Man 2

  1. WOW james i knew it was coming but i really did underestimate your love for the gwyn. The poo ordeal had me ROFL.

    An for as the posters well….
    there all OK nothing special.

    except the place where Scarlett seems to always be featured is that the s.h.i.e.l.d headquarters?

    1. No they just took that picture right after she was getting up in the morning.

      Seriously, i would eat Gwyneth Paltrows poo.

      If i see her stabbing my family to death, i would probably be infinitely happy i saw her, and offer to donate my organs to her

      1. You guys do NOT understand.

        Gwyneth Kate Paltrow started my puberty. “Shakespeare in Love.” remember it? I was like nine when that movie came out, and it was hard to believe she was a human being

        after that i obsessed and saw all her movies (Yes, i did see “Shout”)

    1. Jamesypooh, was that sarcasm? Is that a stupid question?

      Help! I’m turning TMB into a chatbox!

      *slits throat and bleeds to undeath*

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