The End Of A Personal Era: John No Longer Going To Be With The Movie Blog

Back on July 24th 2003… about 6 and a half years ago… I started “The Movie Blog” and in doing so (along with many others) helped create and shape the film blogging community that we have out there today.

I was the very first person to establish a regular podcast for movie sites (now just about every film site has a podcast), won awards, appeared in just about every media outlet, and was given the chance to do a lot of cool things.

But as Star Trek: The Next Generation said on their series finale, “all good things must come to an end”.

With those words, I announce that my time with “The Movie Blog” has come to an end as of the end of this month.

First of all I have to say the current ownership of “The Movie Blog” has been FANTASTIC. Very supportive. Very enthusiastic. In general, just couldn’t be more of a pleasure to work for and work with. I will really miss working with them on this level. At this point I do not know what they have planned for the future of TMB, but whatever it is, know that the name is in good hands.

Secondly, I have to give a big shout out to all those many many people who have helped “The Movie Blog” be the site that it was.

Rodney Brazeau, who has been doing much of the posting the last few months, has been an off and on contributor ever since the site started. You can continue to follow Rodney on his new film site (It’s not that new actually) It’s a wonderful site where Rodney’s film insight will continue to be be published. You should all check it out daily.

Doug Nagy gave the blog incredible personality for the years he was a part of the site. He worked along side of me on the Podcast and was a huge part of why we won the inaugural “Podcast of the Year” award. Doug continues to be a stand up comedian and you can follow him online at

Richard Brunton brought a wonderful writing style to the site and runs his own online film site called FilmStalker.Com

Todd Brown was one of the first contributing writers to the site and now runs the incredible TwitchFilm.Net

From Pia, Dan, Ashley, Dave, Bruxy, Darren, Sharon, Serena… the list goes on and on.

There are just too many people to list individually, but to all of them I owe a HUGE debt of thanks.

Most of all… thank you to all “The Movie Blog” readers. Many of you have been with me and the site from nearly the beginning, and I can’t express my gratitude to you enough.

You will still be able to find me writing about movies as the Editor at the new AMC Entertainment movie news blog that you can find here:

I’m also going to start posting again at my personal blog over at

As a final thought, please continue to visit, support and participate the film blog community. There are many wonderful sites out there like Screen Rant, /Film, RowThree, FIlmDrunk, Rope of Silicon, Cinematical, Cinema Blend… perhaps even the new incarnation of TMB… the list is huge. Active movie fan communities make being a movie fan all the more fun.

Chapters end, and chapters begin. Love to all of you, and thank you for giving me one of the best, and most defining experiences of my life.

Thank you again.


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113 thoughts on “The End Of A Personal Era: John No Longer Going To Be With The Movie Blog

    1. Actually Andrew, the feedburner account is my personal one that I used to track stats. My feedburner account is mine, so I didn’t steal anything.

      I’ve written to TMB to notify them that I was switching it back over and to let the know they needed to put in the actual TMB RSS feed link.

  1. Oh, man. I get busy, stop visiting regularly, come back and everything’s gone to pot:)

    It really is like the end of an era. I’ve been coming here for years reading the site. I remember getting all excited for the live broadcasts,a nd it was so much fun to call in and talk to you guys, and to make new online pals through the site. It’s sad that you’re leaving, but I wish you luck in your new venture.

  2. @John – You and Doug were a huge inspiration when my wife and I launched The Anime Blog in 2005! What created had a huge impact on the online community that can still be felt today. Your podcasts with Doug were consistently the most entertaining, funny and informative stuff I was listening to at the time.

    So congrats on moving over to AMC where your talents can continue to be seen. Good luck!

  3. This was a great site for so many years. Absolutely loved the roundtables and just about every word that ever came out of Nagy’s mouth. Thanks to this site for peaking my interest in movies and turning me from just a fan to a full blown cinephile.

    Thanks John and good luck.

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  5. Havent posted that many comments here on the site but ive been along for the ride for quite some time now. I wish you all the best John, as the guys befor me said, Good luck to you sir! :D

  6. Helluva ride, John. Been there for nearly 3 years, now. Hoping to stumble upon a podcast in the feed someday…this time with the whole crew – Bruxy, Darrin, You, Doug, Soul Video, Mr. Tapley, etc. etc. Would be nice to have a farewell podcast with everyone…just one more time. All topped off with a tearful “byebye” from good ‘ol Mr. Nagy.

    Thanks, John. It’s been fun, educational, and refining.

  7. Good job I stopped by today.

    To be honest, it never was the same after the guys all went there seperate ways and were unable to do the podcasts or live shows anymore. But I still visited everyday out of loyalty and gratitude.

    TMB has been my film community, my place to meet lovely people and bullshit into the early hours about movie news. The personal touch that John and co. infused the site with, the way they set up the community website, letting us email them with news stories they may have missed, getting to actually speak to them on live radio was something totally lacking from other sites.

    Most importantly, the people I’ve met through TMB and the friendships made here have allowed me to get into the game. None of it would have happened the way it has without this site and my gratitude will never cease.

    Good luck and God bless.

  8. Thank you for all your efforts and information. I personally enjoy Screenrant as well. ( and they are Non-Twi”liters” which is refreshing). Good luck John!

  9. Congrats to John and the rest of the writers here. I feel that you have great thing in store. I have to laugh a little because though John in leaving the site, and TMB will be closing up shop, Rodney will still be commenting at his blog, and John gave a link to his new position as well. There are still places where we can get the same info, just not here. And despite the fact that Rodney is one argumentative dude when you disagree with him over Twilight (had to put that in there because it was one of my favorite tet a tets to date) he really does have some good insights and comments on the world of cinema. I would recommend following him at his site (there are lots of links he has posted in the comments here, somewhat like an ignored child seeking attention (he-he, again I jest)) where he will continue to provide more of what he does best. Perhaps it will become the new TMB–or some kind of incarnation of the same.


  10. Good luck to you John. It’s been a pleasure visiting TMB over the years. It was the first movie site I read on a regular basis and I will always credit TMB with inspiring my passion for film. I wish you success in your future endeavours.


  11. Hi John,

    Sorry to see it end man, I just wanted to thank you for all the good times here. I had fun listening to you and Nagy. Hope all goes well for you in the future, take care and rock on…from the Movie Joe.


  12. Good luck with your future ventures John! Keep on doing what you’ve been doing, and I’m sure you’ll be successful. And thank you for all the movie news over the years. I’ve really enjoyed procrastinating with you.

  13. I had a feeling that this was going to happen! Your podcasts where very infrequent and your contribution to the site was also getting lesser and lesser.

    I am sorry that you go John, I was a listener of the podcast since episode 28 and never missed an episode with you guys. That Doug left was a hard hit and now that you are gone, the Movie Blog is very much dead to me, because it always was about you guys and your personas. I looked forward to listening to you and Doug ramble on about movies and later to listen to you and your feelings and thoughts. Now that even that is gone, I really don´t care who is taking over the Movie Blog, because it will never be the same and that is really really heartbreaking for me.

    There will be something missing in my life and I really wish you the best of luck, but I would have prefered, if it stayed the way it was, to be honest.

    I will say a fond farewell to the Movie Blog. It was nice the time it lasted!

  14. Well John Thanks a lot and best of luck for the future.

    You were the one who got me interested in film blogs the first place, so I owe it to you.

    Thanks Rodney, you were a good substitute…I will check The Stub sometimes BUT John will always remain my favourite movie blogger…his thoughts were the same as I had on any film issues!

    I sometimes feel he was my brother in previous birth, he’s awesome!!! I hope John will do podcasts on AMC, that would be something to look forward to.

    Thank you again, John and Rodney!
    kal07 signing off from India.

  15. Well, it wasn’t a suprise but still I feel a little sad, even though the Movie Blog for me ended when Doug, Bruxy and Darren discontinued on the Podcast and you, John became a bit self-absored. So that said, you founded the first podcast I ever listened to and I’m glad you introduced me to this world. Your good-bye does seem a bit cold but so did your blog for the last couple of years where caring about movies seemed to have stepped into the background. Good Luck John and thank you

  16. Wow. I’m actually kind of sad. I’ve loved this sight for years and now it’s just gone. I mean it was far less fun ever since Doug left…but still.

    Nothing gold can stay Ponyboy.

  17. Oh man..
    I only discovered this site from Attack Of The Show this year, but it quickly became one of my favourite sites. It’s upsetting to see you leave, but I wish you the best in your future endeavours John. Thank you for everything.

  18. :(

    Its a shame the site has to close its doors. I wish you the best of luck in your career, John. And keep us posted about The Anniversary on your blog! Would love to know what you’ve been doing with it.

    All the best!!

  19. I miss the old Nagy-infused, podcasts. They were awesome. I have checked this site almost daily for about three years. It is one of five that I visit regularly and I will miss it. You did well Mr. Campea, you did well.

  20. John, I can’t tell you how much you and this site have meant to me over the last couple of years. My knowledge for film has been enriched and my appreciation for movies is greater than it ever was! You always have had the most entertaining and interesting blogs, and I will never forget some of the best and most memorable ones. You are truly a master of your craft, and my respect for you is as great as my respect for the people who bring such great movies to our theatre’s. I have laughed so much as some of the podcasts, and my personal favorites were when you and Doug did the video blogs. John, I wish you nothing but luck and the best in your future endeavors. Thank you for playing a large part in my life and the lives of many others. You will never be forgotten here at The Movie Blog, and from now on, everytime I visit this site, I will think of you. God Bless you John and I am also going to quote Star Trek here… “Live Long and Prosper” my friend.

  21. Wow…I really don’t know what to say. Visiting this site on a daily basis really gave some amazing memories, due to the fantastic podcasting and wonderful posts. Thanks to this site I started my own film site.

    Thank you for all good times!

  22. I think at the end of the year you should somehow (maby over skype) get the old gang together, (Doug, Bruxy, and Darren) and do a farewell podcast.
    And make it like a big epic 1 1/2 to 2 hour podcast.
    That would be a great way to end the legacy.

  23. Wow…..Just wow. I’ve been a fellow follower of TMB for almost five years, now. I really love this site and it’s a crying shame to see it go. But, if this is what you (John and Rodney) think is best, then I shall respectfully bid TMB adieu after a 4 1/2 years of being my only source for movie news. So many fond memories…Everything from laughing at footage of the GI Joe movie for the first time to watching/reading John rave and rant over film piracy….Good times lol.

    However….It’s great to know I can still follow you guys at AMC and The Stub, respectively. It’s good to know that I can still also read your opinions and read the latest on the movie industry.

    So long and thanks for one heck of a ride, Movie Blog.

  24. could you explain your ratings for movies one last time (or for the first time if you haven’t done so) before you peace it?
    many a reader would be interested in how you decide what gets a 5 and what gets an 8, because its sometimes, but NOT ALWAYS, a simple set of twins that decimates your rating for a movie.

    please and thanks, john!

  25. While I am sad, I can admit that it was no surprise, slowly one by one, major contributors to the site have been leaving, I should start following the new site now I guess.

  26. damn John. Can’t just leave without answering these questions. I say we all go to his blog and AMC site and bombard him with these questions.

  27. It sucks to hear this but not unexpected I suppose. You are a good example for someone who would like to use a blog to gain a career.

    I miss the uncut shows, my questions used to get asked a lot.

    I wonder what the movie blog will be like in future.

    LIVE LONG AND PROSPER JOHN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. its been some good times…i think ill stick with john and follow himas he moves on to new things, i might try /film. Im never gonna forget all the good times with doug and john on the podcast. i love you guys.

  29. Well John, it’s been a pleasure. I’m sad to see you go. And you too, Rodney (just in case you’re reading this). This site has made the past few years bearable. And I’m a bit surpised this hasn’t been used yet, but “live long and prosper” is all I can say. So long, John, so long.

  30. I started watching The Movie Blog about 3 years back. Some of my favorite memories of the site were from the summer of 2008. I remember waking up every morning (keep in mind I live in the UK) and enjoying the podcasts. I wish you luck in everything else that you do

  31. Lately, I’ve been having the feeling that you might leave John. I’ve been following TMB since late May of last year. It’s been a big part of my daily life and I visit it 14 times a day. Thanks for all you do, good luck on your new site, and I’m sad right now. May the force be with you Campea. God speed.

    (I’ll still follow you on AMC)

  32. Hey John going to miss you a lot but had a feeling this was coming i have been flowing you for 3 years now i cam to your site when i was looking for review for the departed and have been hocked ever scene. you site have been great and loved every minit of it from your podcast going to comick cone.
    I have loved moves scene the day i was born and your website has made me feel it is ok to love and talk about movies. All the best in the future and what ever u do next will be great

  33. My thoughts on The Sandman….
    To debate or not debate John Campea on ‘Halloween’…
    The short lived ‘community’…
    The podcasts…(notably Roundtables)
    How Transformers put TMB on the radar…
    “Why Commercials Before Movies Is Worse Than Piracy”…

    Meeting a whole slew on online int’ friends, and one day I hope to meet in person. Yes, that will be the day a mystery flu bug will hit town and only I will be immune, but still…

    What am I talking about? Even if the torch is passed to others, Campea is still the ‘founder’, would that be so? It’s like a Batman movie y’know? Other writers and directors come in to the movie be it Tim Burton or Chris Nolan, but the late Bob Kane still gets his Created By credit. Right? So if TMB still exists in some manner shouldn’t you still be “the founder”?

    So John bids fare thee well to The Movie Blog. Rodney will go on to his blog.

    There are a number of (responsible, somewhat sane) in’tl friends though, who can be bribed with a No Fee to help keep TMB alive. If it were me (remember: I said responsible and somewhat sane, so the latter might disqualify me) I would also have an “open door’ policy with fmr MB alum.

    Best of Luck to you John, I’ll still read you on AMC and Facebook
    (not Twitter; I don’t twit). I still read some of Serena’s stuff from time to time.

    It will be interesting to see what will happen next with TMB.

  34. I saw it coming, but John, your post is really underwhelming and written without any emotion. Thats sad, because i followed your Blog over many years, as well as others did, and u leave without any explanation, just with THAT post above? What a shame…
    best luck in your future

  35. where should I go? Seriously, this was my only source for movie news and reviews. So, what should I use now guys. Sorry your leaving though and good luck.

  36. Ever since Doug left it sucked anyway…

    Been here for years… what the hell John! I’m mad at you…lol… where the hell am I supposed to get my movie laughs now.. ugh..

    no really… good luck… Gonna miss the podcasts too.

  37. Hey John, thanks for TMB. I don’t think regular readers are surprised by this but even so, kinda sad to hear it’s final. BUT with the glory of the interweb we can still get access to your evil mind….

  38. John,

    I wasn’t much into movies previously, but then I started listening to your insights on the Scott Thompson show on CHML. You always brought something fresh and different when discussing Hollywood and film.

    When I first checked out TMB, I was hooked. I told all my friends to visit. I even used TMB as an example in a job interview of a site that I admire.

    You created a place where “international friends” could come together, discuss and debate. For that, you should be congratulated.

    All the best.

  39. I’ve been reading this blog for years but have never been much of a commenter on the site but I had to this time.
    I’m sorry to see you leave TMB and I wish you the best of luck for the future – you will be missed!

    1. Yes, I had a feeling as well. The updates on this site have been less frequent as of late and I have been visiting other sites to find information I am looking for.

      Well congratz on the new position John and I’ll be sure to check out your new blog and also Rodney’s site.


  40. Sorry to see you go, John, It’s been a good ride!

    So if you are leaving, Rodney is going back to his blog, will TMB be active at all or will it be dissolving completely?

    Best of luck to everyone, whatever happens!

    1. TMB is officially closing doors, but I will be doing the same thing I was doing here on my site.

      The Stub was created as a spinoff for me to do my own thing but as things progressed with TMB, it is just fitting that I keep doing my thing over there now.

      I won’t be “going back” as it was always intended to spinoff from this site into my own thing.

      1. Rodney, when did you start up your movie site? I’m asking because we both have the same theme for our sites, both about movies! I don’t want people to confuse them, not that they will since you and TMB guys own the other movie sites out there and ours is still very small.

      2. Haha, Everytime I email Rodney I’d see “” and think “what the hell is that”? Now I know lol.

        I think we all owe it to Rodney to (at the very least) check out The Stub, I mean he has pretty much been the sole hand on deck, keeping this loveable old tin can afloat, for months now (it was almost like a superhero too, because many readers ignore the “written by…” part of the post and presumed that John was writing it, he never got complete credit… Unless it was negative credit, then people somehow knew who he was…. But a select few knew his true identity was Rodney Brazeau lol).

        Without him, The Movie Blog would have been snuffed out quite a bit earlier and from the sound of some of these comments a handful of you newer readers wouldn’t even have had the pleasure of discovering this site, without Rodney’s solo run. Fucking heroic of you Rodney, fucking heroic.

        That being said, the closing of TMB is sad news, kinda like a divorce you can still visit everyone from your original family, seperately, but it will never be the same… Who knows though, sometimes it can be even better! I mean, c’mon, now we get two Christmases!!!

        In all seriousness, I have many fond memories of this beautiful blog and it’s rag tag bunch of collaberrators. Great luck to you all! Personally, I will be visiting both of your blogs very soon. Thanks you!

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