Anne Hathaway joins Black Cat Rumour Casting

It seems the only consistant rumour about Spiderman 4 is that Black Cat is going to be in it, but everyone is quick to jump on the rumours as to who is being cast in the busty vixen’s role.

It started with Rachel McAdams and Romola Garai. Then we heard briefly it was Julia Styles.

Now it seems that Anne Hathaway is joining the club of wild speculation.

Worst Previews shares:

Now comes word from DeadlineHollywood that Anne Hathaway (Get Smart) has been approached to star in the fourth installment. She is wanted for a starring role, but won’t replace Kirsten Dunst. The site has been pretty accurate in the past, which makes me believe that Hathaway will likely end up in the movie.

Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Anne Hathaway, but I just can’t picture her as Black Cat.

Personally I would love to see the McAdams rumour have been the truth. And while I don’t want them to pick a Black Cat because of breast size, Hathaway does have what it takes in that department. And after seeing the above picture, I have a better grasp of Hathaway as a leather clad vixen.

So while Sam Raimi interviews every female actor in Hollywood, making the rumour mill work in overtime, Who would be your pick? One of the rumoured choices, or someone else altogether?

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18 thoughts on “Anne Hathaway joins Black Cat Rumour Casting

  1. Curves? you want Curves?

    Then Kim Kardashian is the way to go (PROBLEM IS SHE CAN’T ACT!)


    she dont have that hot slutty quality one would expect from the black cat, but they could do ALOT worse.

    She just seems too nice, and she can act just with her eyes like Tobey, just have them look at each other for 2 hours and theres your movie.

    1. Interestingly enough Lake Bell played Dr. Cat Black on a TV series called Children’s Hospital.

      Shes a pretty woman, but not at all the slinky Black Cat persona I would have imagined. Black Cat has curves, Bell is pretty bean pole-ish.

  2. Any sub 35 year old hot chick will likely have her name thrown into this rumor pot soon.

    I have to say I’d have loved to see McAdams in it as well, but seeing that she’s shot that down, I wouldn’t mind they go with someone less known and more athletic. I know she’s probably known among “geekdom” but i like Rhona Mitra. She’s hot, athletic, and I would love to see her kick Tobey’s ass! LOL

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