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With the rabid sports fanbase revolving around Mixed Martial Arts and the rise of such things as “Professional Video Game Players” it is only a matter of time before this idea becomes a reality.

io9 describes it as:

Hugo Park (Justin Chon, Twilight) a misspent youth whose only outlet for angst is a 4D fighting videogame called “Super Turbo Arena”. When Pharaoh King (Jocko Sims, Crash the Series), the Michael Jordan of cyber-sports, announces a tournament to determine who will join his pro-team, Hugo’s sets his eyes on the prize. But, Hugo isn’t the only gamer who wants fame and glory. If Hugo wants to win he’s going to have to beat Shamus (David Lehre, Epic Movie), the all time Turbo champ at the local Pandemonium arcade, and Ruse Kapri, a feisty prep girl that knows how to win. Realizing he can’t win on his skill alone, Hugo turns to his brother Tobias a former kick-boxer whose last match left him wheel-chair ridden. Together the two will mend old wounds and see if a washed up street fighter can teach a troubled teen how to become a virtual gladiator!

Now the virtual gladiator is hardly a new idea, but I like the idea of this, and I like looking at it like looking at Speed Racer.

American Idol mixed with UFC made The Ultimate Fighter, and Street Fighter mixed with competive sports made the Major League Gaming. Combine Ultimate Fighter with MLG, and we get Super Turbo Arena.

Yeah, it looks hokey but it could be some great visual fun. And 15 years from now we will be watching it on TV for real.

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7 thoughts on “Turbo Trailer Online

  1. Dude, What part of that trailer yelled out MMA or UFC to you? It looked more like Street Fighter or Dragonball Z than it did actually MMA. Glowing fireballs= Brazilian Jiu Jitsu everyday!
    Call it what it really is.
    Street Fighter Alpha.

    1. He is correct. Unless there is two big burly, sweaty men rolling around on the ground you cannot really compare it to male-on-male porn! Wait, I meant MMA or UFC! *blush*

  2. I just saw the short film and i thought it was pretty decent, of course the acting was laughable and the film was pretty cliche but i’ve never felt like i’ve wasted my time watching it which is pretty good. It’s watchable, and the effects were good for a $100,000 film

  3. This movie is a short film and is available for free viewing online. I’d provide a link where you can watch the entire 23 minutes short and buy the DVD (if you so chose), but I tend to notice as of late linked comments disappear. If your interested, just do a search for “turbo” on Kotaku and they have a link to it.

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